Introducing SwyftComply, Indusface’s Game Changing Solution

Introducing SwyftComply, Indusface’s Game Changing Solution

Bengaluru, 22nd February 2024: Indusface, an award-winning, fast-growing, institutionally-funded Application Security SaaS company, today announced the release of SwyftComply, a game-changing solution that will enable security leaders to provide a clean, zero-vulnerability report for compliance within 72 hours.

Developers are increasingly adopting the agile methodology and incorporating Free and Open-source Software (FOSS). This leads to more open vulnerabilities, many of which cannot be protected on time as the patch is not readily available. According to studies by Indusface, 31% of vulnerabilities remained open even after 180 days.

In this scenario, providing a clean report during security audits is a major source of stress for security teams worldwide. SwyftComply will help security teams shrink the windows of vulnerability from 180+ days to 3 days.

Ashish Tandon,

Speaking about this, Ashish Tandon, Founder & CEO, Indusface said, “From day zero, AppTrana was built with the sole objective of giving our customers 100% transparency on application protection. We were the first Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) provider to integrate the DAST scanner and provide pen testing just to give our customers a single pane of glass view on open vulnerabilities vs. protection status on the WAAP. So far, our customers could request protection against each vulnerability separately. With this launch, we’ll protect all their open vulnerabilities on AppTrana within 72 hours and give them a clean report for compliance.”

Sharing his thoughts, Rajesh Dalal, Senior Manager, Information Security, HDFC Ergo said, “A clean report with zero open vulnerabilities is mandatory for regulatory compliance. That said, patching open vulnerabilities is increasingly difficult as developers tend to use third-party and open-source components where the patches are not readily available. The zero-vulnerability report capability is exciting. It will be a game-changer for security compliance. We have had a preview of the autonomous patching service on AppTrana and are looking forward to the full release.”

“The protection provided by AppTrana WAAP has significantly reduced vulnerability windows on our applications. Indusface’s commitment to zero false positives has enabled us to patch vulnerabilities at scale on the WAAP at Titan. This new capability to obtain a zero-vulnerability clean report in days will be a game-changer, particularly for PCI compliance”, added Kanchan Roy, Manager – Systems, Titan.

Salient features of SwyftComply include:


  • Inbuilt DAST scanner to continuously detect vulnerabilities including zero days.
  • Autonomous patching to protect against all open vulnerabilities on the AppTrana     WAAP  platform.
  • A clean, zero-vulnerability report that could be downloaded on the portal within 72     hours.