IPRS Partners with LyricFind to Monetize Lyric Display in India

IPRS Partners with LyricFind to Monetize Lyric Display in India

IPRS Partners with LyricFind

Hyderabad, 14th September 2023 – The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (“IPRS”) and LyricFind, the world’s leader in licensed lyrics, are proud to announce that they have entered a strategic partnership. The partnership ensures that all IPRS creators and publisher members with assigned rights are accounted and paid for the display of their lyrics across all of the over 100 digital platforms and clients of LyricFind.

This major agreement was announced at All About Music on September 8, in Mumbai on the “Transitions in Music Publishing” panel with Atul Churamani and the CEO of IPRS, Rakesh Nigam. Robert Singerman and Nik McLeod of LyricFind were also attending AAM on the first A2iM Music Trade Mission delegation to India. The full audience of many hitmaking and emerging Indian creators and Indian music publishing, label, media, entertainment and platform execs, offered rousing applause at the news.

“This partnership offers to all our creators and publisher members who have mandated the right to IPRS an exciting opportunity to expand their global reach, boosting both direct and ancillary revenues while enhancing the value of their catalogues,” said Rakesh Nigam, CEO at IPRS. He further added, “IPRS appreciates the global market of digital lyric and language conversion that LyricFind established with creators, publishers and platform partners. It recognizes that this agreement not only facilitates lyric distribution but also enables effective lyric conversion, interpretation, and translation on a global scale through LyricFind.

IPRS now stands shoulder to shoulder with its fellow collective management organizations in licensing digital lyric display through LyricFind and its partners. This collaboration promises to benefit all our members by fostering fan engagement, increasing consumption, and driving growth.”

“This agreement and our Indian music community relationships will change the trajectory of the Indian music industry significantly,” said Robert Singerman, SVP of International Publishing at LyricFind. “The deep meaning and history of Indian songs, from every culture and genre, folk to pop to hip hop, can be read, understood, listened to, collaborated with, sold and enjoyed in the way of Bollywood, Tollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood, including with translations, overcoming the language and knowledge context gaps for people everywhere. Thanks to all at IPRS, the Indian Music Industry, All About Music, A2iM and everyone else who has assisted in this global transition.”