ISB Executive Education and Imarticus Learning Partner to Pivot Finance Experts for India’s Trillion Dollar Opportunities

ISB Executive Education and Imarticus Learning Partner to Pivot Finance Experts for India’s Trillion Dollar Opportunities

New Delhi,31st October 2023 India’s financial ecosystem has displayed remarkable resilience and signs of growth despite growing global geo-political challenges. Indian banks have shown stability and a strongly regulated rise of fintech firms and NBFCs is boosting financial inclusion for India’s expansive consumer market. This is furthered by the impetus towards building a robust digital public infrastructure, which has evolved to create a more accessible, efficient, and inclusive digital ecosystem to boost economic growth. However, challenges such as data security and privacy concerns, infrastructure gaps, and digital literacy still need to be addressed to fully realize the potential of India’s digital transformation.

As the global effect segues into the dynamic economic fabric of India, the leaders of tomorrow should brace for complex risk scenarios, including recession, inflation, geopolitical unrest, and global economic imbalances. The task of establishing resilient organisations capable of addressing persistent macroeconomic turbulence and technological upheavals is imperative. This necessitates the combination of innovative thinking and exceptional leadership if India wishes to fulfil its goal of joining the USD 5 trillion economy club.

The industry needs highly skilled professionals who can manage and navigate the financial and fintech business worlds, which are filled with phenomenal opportunities. With lifelong learning to create leaders ready for the future, being the core of ISB Executive Education’s value, it joined hands with Imarticus Learning, which shares the same objective, to impart industry-relevant knowledge and skills. The partnership aims to create future-ready leaders who stay ahead of tech disruption and fast adopt regulatory and policy frameworks to favourably shape India’s financial sector.

Sujatha Kumaraswamy, Executive Director, ISB Executive Education and Digital Learning, said, “We recognise that India’s accelerated pace of growth requires future-proofing of frameworks, processes, people and mindsets. Our partnership with Imarticus Learning reinforces our commitment to nurturing excellence in strategic financial leadership. Through these programs, we enable professionals to become changemakers, driving innovation and transformation that aligns with global business strategies.”

The partnership will curate three specialised programmes: the CFO Programme, the Senior Leadership Programme in Fintech, and the Advanced Certification in Fintech. These programmes are tailored to empower professionals in their career journey, from CFOs to high-potential executives transitioning to a CFO role, seasoned professionals in the finance or fintech sector, or mid-career finance experts looking to propel their fintech capabilities, respectively. These programmes are formulated for senior professionals in banking, consulting, financial services, insurance, management, and technology, who want to lead financial and fintech initiatives in their organisations or start their own venture.

About this collaboration, Mr. Nikhil Barshikar, Founder and CEO of Imarticus Learning, expressed, “Our partnership with ISB Executive Education stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing world-class education. These specialised professional programmes in finance and fintech are meticulously crafted to empower senior leadership professionals. They reflect our organisation’s dedication to bridging the skills gap and empowering individuals to excel in these dynamic domains.”

The programmes are conceived keeping consumer-centric benefits in mind, with world-class education delivered as modules from globally acclaimed ISB faculty. There are interactive sessions by Imarticus Learning and masterclasses from industry practitioners.