Katrina Kaif and KL Rahul-Backed HyugaLife Launches Vito: A Game-Changing Health Supplement Brand for On-the-Go Millennials

Katrina Kaif and KL Rahul-Backed HyugaLife Launches Vito: A Game-Changing Health Supplement Brand for On-the-Go Millennials

Mumbai13th October 2023 – HyugaLife, a prominent health and wellness platform, endorsed by Katrina Kaif and KL Rahul, has introduced Vito, a health supplement brand specifically designed for a generation that often struggles to prioritize their health due to time constraints.

After two years of research and development effort conducted at a UK MHRA-certified laboratory, Vito has introduced a ground-breaking product format to the Indian market. In contrast to traditional supplements, Vito does not require water for consumption. Its innovative self-dissolving form factor, ideal for those with busy, on-the-go lifestyles, has set it apart. Vito’s range of daily health supplements not only accommodates hectic schedules but also simplifies them, offering convenient, efficient, and pocket-sized solutions tailored to modern living.

Vito CEO Prasanna Rengarajan envisions the brand as a game-changer, stating, “Vito was conceived keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of the modern-day consumer. The Vito consumer is someone who values health as an essential part of their life but seeks convenience. Vito was born to simplify health for them, offering a range of daily essentials that seamlessly fit their dynamic lifestyles. You can pop our tablets anytime, anywhere, whether you’re on-the-go, in the middle of a busy day, or just relaxing at home.”

The new generation of Indian millennials is not only ambitious and aspirational but always on the go, balancing the demands of education, work, personal life, and everything in between. Yet, they face significant lifestyle issues such as sleep problems, low energy levels, weak immune systems, aches, and indigestion.

HyugaLife’s launch of Vito was a direct response to these demands of contemporary, fast-paced living.

HyugaLife CEO Anvi Shah highlights the company’s strategic approach, stating, “Our foray into private brands, with Vito, is an organic progression in our growth story. Our strategy is simple – we’re not here to blend in. We’re identifying niche white spaces in the market and building something truly unique. We’re diving deep into consumer insights to create products that not only meet but exceed expectations.”

In its initial phase, Vito has introduced a selection of supplements addressing essential health, including sleep, bone health, iron deficiency, and immunity support. With a roadmap to introduce more than 30 products over the next year, Vito is poised to redefine health for a generation that refuses to compromise on health, no matter how fast life moves. Presently, Vito products are exclusively available through HyugaLife’s website & app.