Ketto Brings Father’s Day Cheer In Advance to Mumbai with Heartfelt Interactions at Marine Drive

Ketto Brings Father’s Day Cheer In Advance to Mumbai with Heartfelt Interactions at Marine Drive

18th June 2024, Mumbai – This Father’s Day, Ketto, A crowdfunding platform based in India, brought early Father’s Day cheer to Mumbai’s Marine Drive, celebrating dads and sparking conversations about their unseen strength.

The campaign celebrated dads as everyday heroes. It reminded people to thank the dads who might smile and hide their worries, all while working hard to make their kids feel strong and loved. Ketto asked Mumbaikars a few heart-touching questions – how their fathers have been their rock, and ‘what message they have for them. People shared touching stories about the sacrifices dads make for their kids, things dads might not even talk about. These stories, from working hard to support the family to giving encouraging words, captured the true meaning of Father’s Day.

Varun Sheth, Founder & CEO, of Ketto, shared, “Dads are the silent anchors in our lives. They fight battles we never see, and their sacrifices pave the way for our success. This Father’s Day, Ketto wanted to honour all the amazing Dads by giving Mumbaikars to show their love and appreciation for their fathers.”

Ketto goes beyond crowdfunding. Yes, we’ve helped countless children raise funds for their dads’ medical care, thanks to our amazing community. But this Father’s Day, we want to celebrate dads themselves! Our video is a heartwarming tribute to their strength, reminding everyone that love and appreciation, even in simple ways, can make a huge difference.

The love at Mumbai’s Marine Drive showed us one thing loud and clear: dads are amazing! Ketto’s Father’s Day campaign went beyond just a celebration. It sparked heartfelt conversations between dads and kids, a wave of appreciation that will keep going long after the event.

By encouraging open talks and “thank yous,” Ketto hopes to strengthen the bond between fathers and their children.