Khoya Presents Its All-new Holi Collection Celebrating the Festival of Colours and Tradition

Khoya Presents Its All-new Holi Collection Celebrating the Festival of Colours and Tradition

Khoya Presents

Khoya is a bastion of premium mithai, dedicated to the art of crafting exquisite delicacies using age-old recipes and the finest ingredients. With a penchant for innovation and a reverence for tradition, we craft experiences that transcend the ordinary, making every moment a celebration of luxury and nostalgia.

This Holi, brace yourselves for a lineup of crispy, flavourful Chandrakala Gujiyas. Each delicate fold tells tales of tradition, while every golden crimp holds within it a pursuit of culinary perfection. ‘Chandrakala,’ meaning “Ray of Moon,” pays tribute to the moon that appears on the night before Holi. This moon marks the end of winter and the start of spring.

Our gujiyas capture the essence of this festive moon’s richness, charm and beauty; where buttery pastry meets a luscious filling of Khoya and top tier nuts with a satisfying crunch. The Classic Gujiya is a medley of Kaju, badam and pista, garnished with aromatic saffron and pistachio flakes, the Walnut Gujiya is crowned with delicate saffron and almond flakes and The PaanGujiya offers a delightful mixture of khoya, and gulkand, topped with rose petals.

Also, introducing their gluten free Premium Gujiya Range, Khoya ensures to add more exclusiveness to your celebrations. The star of this range is the PistaGujiya, featuring a delicious outer layer made entirely of pishori pistachios and a tasty filling of pistachios, cashews, gulkand, and almonds. The Kesar KajuGujiya is the perfect choice for those with a taste for finer things. Its outer layer is made from kesari cashews, filled with a heavenly mixture of coconut powder, pistachios, almonds, and Saunf. Experience the mouth wateringflavours of California almonds with the BadamGujiya. It is adorned with premium-candied walnut kernels tossed in pure honey.

But Holi isn’t just about sweets; is it: Thandai is fundamental to every Holi celebration. Khoya’s Thandai Powder, a balanced blend of nuts, seeds, and spices, is a true embodiment of Holi’s spirit. Whether enjoyed with warm or cold milk, this versatile drink offers a burst of flavor while nourishing the body, making it the ideal drink for your celebrations.

Furthermore, Khoya presents the Holi mithai collection that perfectly blends the exquisite taste of Khoya’s mithai infused with the nostalgic Holi flavours.. The Thandai Burfi combines the nature of Thandai with the sweet texture of burfi, embellished with chopped nuts. For a cooling after-meal treat, the MeethaPaan Barfi carries the bold flavors of betel leaf, cashews, pista, almonds, and gulkand. The Khoya MalaiLadoo, with its creamy richness, expertly combines khoya, roasted almonds, cashews, pistachio, and aromatic ingredients with a four-day shelf life for a truly scrumptious experience. Feast on the traditional charm of MewaVatti, with an outer layer of khoya and a filling of chopped “AngooriPeetha,” with a shelf life of over four days.

Transport your taste buds to the regal origins of Ras Malai with a Thandai twist. The rendition features soft and spongy Chhena soaked in a thandaiflavoured milk reduction, Each bite offers a balance of creamy richness, subtle sweetness, and aromatic spices; laced with the refreshing notes of Thandai.

Take a lovely trip through history with the Rajasthani Heeng Kachori, a delicate treat that originates in the brilliant minds of the Marwaris. This wholesome Kachodi has a shelf life of two days, making it the perfect travel companion.

This Holi Khoya brings forth a range of SKUs – mithai and more that represent the flavourful and colourful taste of tradition of Holi. Now choose from a variety of luxurious and exquisitely packaged gifting options – Gujjias, Khoya Holi range of mithais, Holi special hampers and the works.