Kinetic Green Partners with ReadyAssist to Offer Comprehensive Extended Warranty for Electric 2-Wheelers

Kinetic Green Partners with ReadyAssist to Offer Comprehensive Extended Warranty for Electric 2-Wheelers

Pune, 17th August 2023: Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Limited, a leading manufacturer of electric two and three-wheelers in India, has announced a strategic partnership with ReadyAssist, India’s leading vehicle assistance company, to introduce a Comprehensive Extended Warranty program for its electric vehicles.

Under this strategic partnership, Kinetic Green’s customers will now benefit from extensive warranty coverage that includes repairing and replacing major EV components, providing them with added peace of mind and exceptional after-sale support. This pioneering initiative sets the bar high in the EV market, demonstrating the commitment of both companies to enhance customer experience and promote sustainable transportation solutions. As a prominent electric 2-wheeler manufacturer, Kinetic Green remains dedicated to the nation’s environmental goals and strives to create a greener future through innovative, eco-friendly mobility solutions.

ReadyAssist, known for its comprehensive service portfolio and innovation in the Automobile industry, takes great pride in being the first company in India to offer an Extended Warranty tailored especially for the rapidly growing EV market. This strategic collaboration with Kinetic Green further solidifies ReadyAssist’s reputation as a trusted provider of after-sale services to EV owners, contributing to the continued growth and adoption of electric mobility in the country. To begin with the partnership, ReadyAssist will be providing extended warranty for Zing Low-Speed and Zing HSS models.

Commenting on the partnership, Ms. Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO, Kinetic Green, said, “As an EV manufacturer, we aim to provide green mobility to the masses, and we are taking every possible step to fulfil the same. Therefore, joining hands with ReadyAssist is a progressive move in the EV industry as we have culled out best-in-class services and warranties for our customers. This is just the beginning, as we at Kinetic Green are on a growth trajectory and have lined up exciting offers and products for our customers in the coming months. We are also collaborating with similar channel partners to bring the best deals for EV enthusiasts.”

Vimal Singh, Founder and CEO, ReadyAssist, states, “Kinetic is a brand that has epitomised style and comfort since the 90s, setting trends and pioneering innovation. As the first brand to introduce electric start technology in 1989; Kinetic kick-started its electric journey, and today, we are thrilled to be associated as Kinetic’s esteemed after-sale extended warranty partner. In this exciting partnership, we proudly provide Kinetic Green customers with a comprehensive 5-year service and components warranty, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind and support throughout their electric vehicle ownership journey”.

In addition to the warranty coverage, Kinetic Green will provide comprehensive training to ReadyAssist’s team through a ‘Train the Trainer’ program. This training initiative will equip ReadyAssist’s technicians with the specialized knowledge and expertise required to handle EV components effectively, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality of service throughout the warranty period.

The partnership between Kinetic Green and ReadyAssist signifies a landmark moment in the EV industry, opening doors to further collaborations and innovative initiatives that will drive the adoption of electric mobility and accelerate the transition to a greener future.