Krenovator Introduces Tech Skill Accelerator, Offering a Career Learning Path for Software Developers

Krenovator Introduces Tech Skill Accelerator, Offering a Career Learning Path for Software Developers

Kuala Lumpur, 7th July 2023 – Krenovator Technology Sdn. Bhd. has introduced a new feature called Tech Skill Accelerator on its AI-powered tech talent platform. Tech Skill Accelerator is a career learning path designed to empower software developers at all stages of their careers to enhance their skills through self-learning. The new feature contains lessons related to software development which are meticulously vetted by industry experts, and it is accessible free of charge.

Users may choose to enroll in any lesson and at the end of each lesson they will be required to complete a final project. The projects will be automatically added to their portfolio.

Mahadhir Yunus, CEO of Krenovator said, “Our mission is to provide learning guidance for users. Anyone who aspires to become a software developer can utilize our Tech Skill Accelerator to learn basic skills and move up at their own pace. Similarly, mid to senior software developers can find a lesson of interest on our platform to grow skills and become more competitive.”

Krenovator provides a conducive learning environment by allowing users who need coding assistance to ask its Abraham AI Coding Assistant for an instant response or seek help from their peers in a Discord community chat room, all within the same platform.

“The final project requirement is what makes our platform different from other similar learning providers in the market. By showcasing their coding capabilities in their portfolio, it can help get employer’s attention,” Mahadhir explained.

Krenovator’s Tech Skill Accelerator offers three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Tier 1 is tailored for fresh graduates and junior software developers who are looking to solidify their foundational skills. Tier 2 targets individuals at middle to senior levels, seeking to enhance their expertise and stay up to date with industry trends. Finally, Tier 3 is specifically designed for senior developers who aspire to reach the pinnacle of their careers and lead innovation.

In terms of opportunities, software developers can now look for work either on-site or remotely, as hiring remote software developers is a widely reported trend in the media worldwide.

“Tech talents have bright job prospects, but they also need to keep up with the skills that employers demand. That’s why our platform aims to help tech talents learn and develop the skills that make them competitive in the market,” Mahathir concluded.