Kyvos Wins Cloud Disruptor of the Year Award in 2023-2024 Cloud Awards

Kyvos Wins Cloud Disruptor of the Year Award in 2023-2024 Cloud Awards

Kyvos Wins

1st February 2024 – Kyvos Insights, the GenAI-driven, cloud-native, high-speed data analytics platform, has won the prestigious “Cloud Disruptor of the Year” award at the 2023-2024 Cloud Awards. Kyvos was also one of the finalists in the “Best Cloud-Native Project/Solution” category. The dual recognition reinforces Kyvos’ unique innovation that can handle analytics on a billion rows of data to offer insights in sub-seconds, all while optimizing cloud costs by up to 4x.

Kyvos has disrupted the cloud space by introducing scalable OLAP, previously unseen on any cloud platform, to deliver accelerated advanced analytics and unmatched performance on all modern data platforms, on the cloud and on-premises. The platform processes enterprise-scale data and creates scalable multi-dimensional data models using its patented AI-powered smart aggregation technology and an underlying intelligent caching mechanism to provide instant insights without any latency.

Kyvos enables enterprises to analyze enterprise-scale data on the cloud without any speed, scale or complexity limitations, without compromising their OLAP and BI acceleration needs while also controlling cloud costs. It leverages the flexibility and power of the cloud to create scalable multi-dimensional data models that provide instant responses to queries across hundreds of dimensions and measures at the lowest querying costs.

Kyvos’ offers end-to-end analytics, from analytical warehousing to advanced visualization. With self-serve analytics and the ability to store aggregated & non-aggregated data in a single location, Kyvos eliminates the need to maintain separate data warehouses. The platform also promotes a data-driven culture by implementing a universal semantic layer and data mesh architecture that facilitates seamless data consumption and cross-functional analysis across the enterprise. Another factor that distinguishes Kyvos is its GenAI capabilities, which uses GenAI and LLMs to initiate interactive, conversational data exploration and deliver summarized insights.

The platform redefines how businesses derive value from 1000x more data for 100x faster insights and 3x higher ROI than any other analytics platform in the marketplace. To make deployments faster, simpler and more value-defined for their customers, Kyvos is also available on a pay-as-you-go model on all major cloud marketplaces.

Hundreds of organizations entered the 2023-2024 Cloud Awards program, with international entries by market-leading innovators from North America, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and the Middle East. The head of operations for The Cloud Awards, James Williams, highlighted that the Cloud Awards remain at the forefront of recognizing outstanding organizations that contribute to the development of transformative technologies on a global scale.