Lexicon MILE Pioneers Experiential Learning, Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow

Lexicon MILE Pioneers Experiential Learning, Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow

Lexicon MILE

Pune, 11th May 2024 The Sports Committee of the Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence (Lexicon MILE) successfully orchestrated the ‘Bids and Blitz’ auction for Lexicon Premier League. This innovative event, guided by Ms. Kavita Pareek, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Anshuman Magar, Assistant Professor at Lexicon MILE, heralded a new era in sportsmanship and leadership development. Students and mentors actively participated in strategic bidding to assemble competitive cricket teams for the upcoming tournament.

Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, Educrack, & EasyRecruit+, stated, “The Bids and Blitz auction activity is a masterclass in experiential learning. This immersive event perfectly embodies Lexicon MILE’s ‘learning by doing’ philosophy, plunging students into a real-world simulation where they grapple with the challenges encountered by entrepreneurs and business leaders. It serves as a crucible for refining their decision-making abilities under pressure, fostering negotiation tactics, and honing their financial acumen.”

The auction event, reminiscent of the IPL auction format, witnessed the participation of six teams, each entrusted with a set budget of 60 lakh. The challenge was to strategically bid for players to form a competitive squad of 7 members, comprising 6 players and 1 mentor. Noteworthy was the mandate for each team to include a minimum of 2 female players in their lineup, emphasizing inclusivity and gender equality in sports.

A totalof 42 players were successfully auctioned during the exhilarating event, marked by enthusiastic bidding and strategic acquisitions by the participating teams. The auction process was intense and competitive, with teams battling it out for established stars and promising talents, all aiming to build a winning combination.

Dr. Manju Punia Chopra, Director – PGDM, Lexicon MILE, stated, “The Bids and Blitz auction activityis abrilliant initiative in which students weren’t passive observers; they were active participants, grappling with challenges of budgeting, talent evaluation, and team building. Thisinvolvement fostered teamwork, critical thinking, and a competitive spirit in the students, which are the hallmarks of tomorrow’s business leaders.”

Lexicon MILE Bids and Blitz auction activity for Lexicon Premier League concluded on a high note, effectively showcasing strategic thinking and a spirit of robust competition among the students and mentors of Lexicon MILE. The event served as a practical experience for students, equipping them with valuable real-world concepts. Lexicon MILE continues to champion a culture of excellence and innovation, reflecting its commitment to shaping future leaders through holistic education.



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