Lithos Quartz Sinks by Hafele

Lithos Quartz Sinks by Hafele

Lithos Quartz Sinks by HafeleContemporary kitchens exude their own distinct personality, mirroring the unique lifestyle and traditions of the people living there. Among the various zones in the kitchen, one of the most bustling ones is the sink center serving a range of functions like rinsing vegetables & fruits, chopping them for preparations, and cleaning the cookware and utensils.

Bringing forth the rising trend of incorporating quartz surfaces in the kitchen, Häfele launches its new sinks range – Lithos which means stone in Greek, aptly named to represent its inherent sturdiness, longevity and reliability.  This range of Quartz Sinks come with an antibacterial coating, an inherent resistance against scratches, stains and dirt, and resistance to high temperature, thereby requiring minimal maintenance and offering a long-lasting endurance even if hot utensils are kept on it.

The timeless beauty of these sinks is defined by the trendy shades of Obsidian, Truffle, Ivory or Mocha that match seamlessly with the most preferred colour palette in the kitchen, imparting the right texture and tonality.

So embrace flawless kitchen aesthetics that reflect your impeccable taste and a commitment to quality that goes beyond the ordinary with Häfele’s Lithos Range of Quartz Sinks.