LXME launches a one-of-its-kind event that will bring women across India together to invest for their financial future

LXME launches a one-of-its-kind event that will bring women across India together to invest for their financial future


Mumbai, 8th November 2023: LXME, India’s 1st Financial Platform for Women is thrilled to announce our latest initiative, “Gold Investing ka Shubh Muhurat.” A first-of-its-kind activity that will see the largest participation of only women investors coming together to invest in Gold this Diwali.

We have all heard of muhurat trading, but this event hits differently as it’s an event exclusively for women, marking a significant change as women this year will foster economic self-sufficiency and security for themselves and their families.

“Gold investing ka Shubh Muhurat” is a 5-day event designed to coincide with the auspicious festival of Diwali. During this period, LXME will see the largest gathering of women investing a small sum of minimum ₹501 in LXME’s Gold Mutual Fund symbolizing the beginning of their financial well-being and security.

Any woman can participate in this event by opening a free LXME account on the LXME app- which is available for both Android and IOS. The account can be opened very easily in just 5 minutes by simply filling in their basic KYC and bank account details. They can then click on the invest tab, select the Gold Fund and invest the required amount in it.

This event is a celebration of women’s financial potential. LXME recognizes the importance of breaking down the barriers that often prevent women from actively participating in financial matters. Through Gold investing ka shubh Muhurat, we aim to create a supportive and inclusive space where women can take their first step towards building their financial futures. We want to encourage women to start their investment journey with a modest amount, empowering them to take control of their financial destinies.

Priti Rathi Gupta, founder of LXME shares, “Gold Investing ka shubh muhurat represents the golden opportunity for women to embrace their financial independence. In the moments of auspicious festivals, we’re not just investing in gold, we’re investing in our future, our strength, and our security. This initiative is a celebration of our potential, a statement that women from all walks of life can and should take charge of their financial destinies.”

Ridhi Doongursee, Co-founder of LXME added ‘LXME believes in the potential of every woman to achieve financial independence. Gold Investing ka shubh muhurat is a significant step towards making this vision a reality. We invite women from all backgrounds to join us during this auspicious period and take the first step towards securing their financial well-being.’