Magicbricks launches new multi-media marketing campaign, StoryHarGharKi…

Magicbricks launches new multi-media marketing campaign, StoryHarGharKi…

New Delhi/ Noida, 6th October 2023 – Magicbricks, India’s leading real estate platform, has launched its new multi-media marketing campaign, #StoryHarGharKi.

This captivating two-part ad campaign adopts a slice-of-life storytelling approach to underscore Magicbricks’ pivotal role in simplifying the home-buying and selling journey. Through Magicbricks, prospective homebuyers gain access to an extensive selection of relevant properties, complemented by expert advisories for informed decision-making. Simultaneously, potential home sellers can connect with high-intent buyers, expediting the home-selling process.

“The Indian real estate sector is at a promising juncture, fueled by accelerating residential market dynamics and growing interest from new customer demographics such as millennials and younger families. As the festive season beckons, we anticipate further growth in residential demand and supply. Hence, the campaign’s centerpiece revolves around our demonstrated leadership in seamlessly connecting home buyers and sellers, assisting them with advisories and relevant services in this high-involvement decision-making journey.” shared Devarshy R. Ganguly, Head of Marketing, Magicbricks.

Speaking about the creative treatment, Ankur Suman, Partner R K Swamy shared “We operate in a short-attention economy, and with content explosion, there is an overload of brand communique in the industry. Hence, our creative strategy focused on creating a simple and clear narrative. The ad film, designed to be both entertaining and informative, Showcases the world of a grumpy, but sweet-at-heart father-in-law, his daughter and son-in-law. This is a world of the typical Indian family, where affection is often expressed through sarcasm laced taunts, which often make the conversations humorous.

This campaign is strategically designed to span various media platforms, including a presence during the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023, as well as prominent slots in TV, print, OTT, digital, radio, and social media. This concerted effort aims to captivate the attention of over 100 million viewers, ensuring that Magicbricks’ message reaches a wide and diverse audience.