Makoons Play School Commemorates Eid-al-Fitr With Cultural Enrichment

Makoons Play School Commemorates Eid-al-Fitr With Cultural Enrichment

Makoons Play School

22nd April 2024 New Delhi: Makoons Play School, one of the leading preschool chains in India, commemorates Eid-al-Fitr across more than 200 branches with a keen focus on the cultural values associated with this festival.

Eid is one of the most significant festivals celebrated across the Muslim faith. It concludes Ramadan, which happens to be a month of stringent fasting, prayer, and observance. This month also cultivates a wide array of abstractions such as spirituality, ecstasy, communal harmony, charity, and cooperation. Moreover, Eid itself is a festival that is associated with such ornate cultural values as amity, peace, brotherhood, and worldly cooperation. These values differ across cultures and ethnicities, however, the core elements, that is, of peace and brotherhood, remain steadfast, throughout.

This year at Makoons, the little ones got engaged in several activities related to the festival, which simultaneously promoted a sense of cultural understanding in them. Some of these were the Drawing Competition, in which the little ones painted the letters ‘Eid Mubarak’ on their drawing sheets, the Dance Competition, where children expressed themselves on the songs related to the festival and the Fancy Dress Competition, in which the students dressed up in various colorful dresses and accessories, thus, signifying their happiness, and enthusiasm upon the coming of the festival. The theme of prayer, fasting, and observance was also displayed by the children through the performance of a small show that depicted these scenes. On the occasion, Makoons also organized a buffet for serving various delicacies related to the festival to the parents, students, as well as teachers. All of these activities were carried out in the respective school premises with the active coordination of the teachers and the participation of the parents.

Talking about the occasion, Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Makoons Play School expressed his delight and said, ‘We are glad to promote a multicultural understanding among our children through different cultural activities which we conduct from time to time. Its foremost advantage is that our children develop in a twofold way — academically, as well as, culturally — and both of these are essential for a culturally developed individual.’

Ours is a culturally diversified country. And for this reason, an individual cannot go on with having a firm knowledge about a particular culture, while overlooking others. Hence, it has become inexplicably essential for one, today, to have a wide understanding of all the major cultures and their traditions.