Mamaearth and Swiggy Instamart Unite to GoGreen This World Environment Day

Mamaearth and Swiggy Instamart Unite to GoGreen This World Environment Day

Gurgaon, 7th June 2024– Mamaearth, India’s leading brand for toxin-free and natural personal care products, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Swiggy Instamart for a special sampling activity in Delhi NCR in observance of World Environment Day.

Through this initiative, Mamaearth will include complimentary seed samples with close to 30,000 orders delivered through Swiggy Instamart on World Environment Day. This joint effort represents more than just a campaign; it stands as a testament to both brands’ commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The brand believes in the power of small yet impactful actions, aiming to inspire new-age consumers to begin their sustainability journey right from the comfort of their homes. Ultimately, it envisions a future where every home nurtures a thriving garden, every individual embraces an eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle, and together, we co-create a world where harmony between humanity and nature prevails. Mamaearth chose to collaborate with Swiggy Instamart to leverage its extensive reach and engage a wide audience, promoting sustainability and eco-conscious living on a larger scale.

The brand believes that goodness starts with the small choices we make every day, and this is reflected in the choices the brand has made with its products and initiatives like Plant Goodness where every order made on the website results in a tree being planted on behalf of the consumer. This initiative aims to promote afforestation, support farmer livelihoods, and foster sustainable coexistence with nature. The brand has been in a constant endeavor to serve consumers and society and make the world a better place.

Anuja Mishra, EVP, and Chief Marketing Officer, Honasa Consumer Limited comments; “At Mamaearth, we believe in the power of doing good to drive meaningful change. Through our partnership with Swiggy Instamart on World Environment Day, we are excited to engage with our consumers and encourage them to join us in our mission to plant goodness and make a difference for the planet. Beyond the immediate act of planting seeds, we aspire to ignite a sense of empowerment that these small activities can create for the collective good.”

Talking about the initiative, Anirban Roy, VP – Category, Growth & Revenue, Swiggy Instamart said- “We are excited to partner with Mamaearth on this meaningful initiative for World Environment Day. By including complimentary seed samples with 30,000 orders through Swiggy Instamart, we aim to inspire our consumers to take small but impactful steps toward sustainability. This collaboration not only highlights our shared commitment to environmental stewardship but also empowers our customers to contribute to a greener future right from their homes. Together, we believe we can make a significant difference in promoting eco-conscious lifestyles and nurturing a more sustainable planet.”

The brand launched the Plant Goodness initiative with an ambition to plant 1M trees by 2025 and has already planted 6 lac trees. In collaboration with an NGO and farmers for agroforestry, these trees have been planted in farmlands across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. The saplings planted are fruit-bearing trees that help farmers increase income opportunities with the produce from these trees. The agroforestry approach doesn’t use the entire agricultural land, and the farmers continue to do their farming along with creating an orchard. This helps in creating carbon sinks in agricultural fields, thus moving towards the target of ‘Net Zero Carbon’. The brand has also created positive environmental changes, including the sequestration of 250,000 tons of carbon and the production of 500,000 tons of oxygen each year while greening 3,500 acres of land.