Manasum announces Banyan project at Godrej Royale Woods

Manasum announces Banyan project at Godrej Royale Woods

New Delhi 27th May 2024: In a significant move to redefine senior living in India, Manasum Group, one of the fastest-growing senior living brands, has introduced “Banyan” at Godrej Royale Woods in North Bengaluru. This serene sanctuary for seniors offers a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and holistic wellness, setting a new benchmark for retirement homes in the country.

Strategically located just a 5-minute drive from the KIAL airport toll, Banyan features ready-to-move-in 1 & 2 BHK residences starting from Rs 60 lakh onwards. These elegant and sophisticated homes are designed to meet the discerning needs of today’s seniors, blending convenience with style in a tranquil environment.

Banyan’s commitment to holistic living is evident through its comprehensive range of amenities aimed at ensuring the physical, emotional, and social well-being of its residents. The facility includes in-house nursing care, 24×7 ambulance services, wheelchair-friendly infrastructure, emergency alarm systems, housekeeping, and meal options. Every detail is meticulously crafted to prioritize the safety, security, and peace of mind of its residents.

“With Manasum Banyan, we aim to redefine the concept of retirement living by offering a holistic and enriching lifestyle that promotes wellness, community, and joy. Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community where residents can thrive in every aspect of their lives, surrounded by nature’s bounty and unparalleled amenities,” said Mr. Anantharam Varayur, Co-founder of Manasum Senior Living Homes.

Kushal Ramesh, co-founder of Manasum, highlighted the company’s existing Greenfield senior living apartment in southern Bengaluru, launched Four years ago. “However, it becomes difficult for smaller developers to pour extensive capital into such projects. Additionally, today’s seniors prefer to stay within the city and close to bustling areas. Hence, we decided to extend the idea of Intergenerational communities “he explained.

Ramesh noted that partnerships are more practical than complete buyouts at an early stage due to the substantial capital involved. “We only pursue buyouts for projects that are nearing completion and have proper senior living designs in place,” he added.

Anantharam mentioned that Bengaluru has the potential to absorb 10,000 units of senior living apartments over the next couple of years. “By the next financial year, we will add 2000 more units by 2025 totaling 2500 units under Manasum. We are already in talks with developers to explore the integrated concept,” he said.

Spanning 13 acres, the Banyan project comprises 191 residences while the project Godrej Royale Woods has 1678 units in total and features over 1000 trees, creating a tranquil sanctuary amidst the bustling cityscape. The community offers unparalleled convenience and luxury, with residents able to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying a variety of recreational activities. From Hammock Gardens and Jogging Tracks to Meditation Decks and Outdoor BBQ areas, Banyan provides a unique blend of relaxation and active living.

Manasum Group’s Banyan at Godrej Royale Woods continues to set a high standard for elderly homes in India, offering a sanctuary where seniors can enjoy a harmonious and fulfilling lifestyle.