Max Protein returns with ‘Protein Police’ for launch of its Whey Protein Powder

Max Protein returns with ‘Protein Police’ for launch of its Whey Protein Powder

Max Protein returns

8th November 2023: Max Protein, a leading name in the fitness and nutrition industry, introduces its comprehensive range of Protein Powders, including Whey Protein, Plant Protein, and Roti Mix, through its latest campaign, #MadeForOneMore. This campaign showcases the return of the popular ‘Protein Police’ featuring actor Thakur Anoop Singh on an exciting new mission.

This campaign is purposefully designed to resonate with health-conscious individuals who frequent the gym, compelling them to break their own boundaries and strive for that additional step in their fitness journey. Collaboratively created by Schbang Delhi and produced by Yaarlog films, the campaign’s film illustrates how Max Protein’s Whey Protein empowers individuals to set new benchmarks by pushing for that extra repetition.

The brand positions its new range of products – Whey Protein, Plant Protein, and Roti Mix, as the ultimate choice for dedicated gym-goers who aspire to push their max to a new max. With the overarching theme of ‘Protein Power To Keep You Going’, Max Protein aims to inspire confidence and transformation in individuals while providing motivation and support to overcome self-doubt.

The ad unfolds in a high-energy gym setting, where individuals are pushing themselves to their limits, including the main character – Thakur Anoop Singh, who’s striving for that one final repetition. When the gym falls quiet and lights dim, an unexpected turn unfolds. The ‘Protein Police’ is back, now on a new mission, and appears beside Thakur Anoop Singh. They urge him to push beyond his own limit, emphasizing the importance of self-belief for achieving greatness with each extra repetition. They help him eliminate his self-doubt and push him to exceed his own max.

Commenting on the same, Vijay Uttarwar, CEO at Naturell India Pvt Ltd (Max Protein) said, “We are thrilled to announce our new campaign around ‘Protein Police’ as a part of our latest #MadeForOneMore initiative. Max Protein has always been dedicated to empowering fitness enthusiasts to reach new heights, and this campaign perfectly embodies that spirit. It’s about pushing beyond our limits, breaking boundaries, and achieving that one extra repetition. We believe in the power of self-belief and self-doubt elimination, and that’s what the ‘Protein Police’ represents – pushing you to exceed your own max. Join us in this inspiring journey towards a fitter, stronger you.”

Further to this, Thakur Anoop Singh, Indian actor and fitness enthusiast said, “I’m truly honoured to be a part of this incredible campaign that encourages everyone to go beyond their limits and discover the power of self-belief. The ‘Protein Police’ is not just a character in this film, it’s a symbol of the support and motivation we all need on our fitness journeys. It was an electrifying experience being in that high-energy gym setting, striving for that one final repetition. This campaign is a testament to the fact that greatness can be achieved by pushing ourselves to exceed on our own.”

Dr. Ravinder Varma, Brand Manager, Naturell India Pvt. Ltd (Max Protein) said, “Our #MadeForOneMore signifies our commitment to empowering individuals on their fitness journey, fostering personal growth, and eliminating self-doubt. It embodies our dedication to providing top-tier nutrition solutions while also marking our venture into the whey protein space. We aspire to inspire individuals to surpass their limits and redefine their fitness journey, all with a focus on excellence and a commitment to lead in this arena.”

On the creative concept behind the campaign, Manish Kinger, Executive Creative Director, Schbang Delhi, remarked, “To launch Max Protein’s performance range of products, we were presented with a dual challenge – extend the Max Protein equity in a brand-new category but also take the conversation as far from the protein-snacking world as possible. We found a sitting duck in #MadeForOneMore – to position a protein supplement as the source of ‘one more rep’ that sits between your Max and new Max was half the job done.

In the objective of extending Max Protein’s world, we saw an opportunity to expand the universe of Protein Police. Thus, the biggest brand asset was given an all-new role of delivering the punch of #MadeForOneMore by standing strong against self-doubt”

Max Protein’s product line includes Whey Protein, known for 25g Protein, 5.2g BCAAs, Zero Added Sugar. It not only supports muscle growth and recovery but also offers a delicious and filling option for those who are conscious of what they consume. With the inclusion of DigeZyme for Enhanced Digestion, Max Protein’s Whey Protein is a 100% vegetarian choice that stands out.