Minosha India Propels Gawade Enterprises to New Heights with Ricoh Production Printers

Minosha India Propels Gawade Enterprises to New Heights with Ricoh Production Printers

Minosha India

Minosha India Limited, the leading distributor of Ricoh products in India, is delighted to highlight the success story of Gawade Enterprises, operating under the name Sachin Digital, a printing business located in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune. Over the past seven years, Gawade Enterprises has experienced substantial growth and enhanced operational efficiency through the strategic utilization of the Ricoh Production Printer, supplied and supported by Minosha India Limited.

Established 20 years ago by Mr. Somnath Gawade, Gawade Enterprises has been a trusted name in the production printing industry, catering to a diverse clientele in Pimpri Chinchwad and other areas in Pune. Seven years ago, recognizing the need for advanced printing solutions, Gawade Enterprises integrated Ricoh Production Printer into their workflow.

Gawade Enterprises specializes in a wide range of printing services, including photocopying, printing of visiting cards, brochures, pamphlets, and invitation cards. Its major market consists of walk-in customers seeking top-notch printing solutions. The business has a dedicated team of over 20 skilled professionals, equipped with the newly installed Ricoh Pro C7200x in special colors Gold and White, in addition to the existing Ricoh Production Printer.

Minosha India Limited provided comprehensive training to Gawade Enterprises’ staff members on how to operate Ricoh Production Printer effectively and on special color applications. Minosha continues to offer unparalleled support, both technical and otherwise, ensuring seamless operation and maximum uptime for Gawade Enterprises.

The superior quality and speed offered by Ricoh Production Printer have empowered Gawade Enterprises to stay ahead of competitors in the highly competitive printing industry. With the competitive cost per copy being similar to competitors, Gawade Enterprises has witnessed a significant enhancement in print quality, leading to increased customer satisfaction. In fact, customers now specifically request printing jobs to be done using Ricoh machines.

Since the installation of Ricoh machines, Gawade Enterprises has experienced a remarkable increase in customer base, resulting in high growth in their print volumes. The business is quite positive about future prospects, buoyed by the exceptional support provided by Minosha.

Minosha India Limited reaffirms its commitment to empowering businesses like Gawade Enterprises with innovative printing solutions, and the success of Gawade Enterprises serves as a testament to the transformative impact of Ricoh products in the Indian printing landscape.