Mismatched, Superstar’s Hidden Wife to Bandish Bandits; Unconventional Love Stories on OTT That Steal the Spotlight

Mismatched, Superstar’s Hidden Wife to Bandish Bandits; Unconventional Love Stories on OTT That Steal the Spotlight

Mismatched, Superstar

Gone are the days of conventional love narratives that reduce protagonists to mere puzzle pieces, incomplete without their counterpart. The repetitive girl-meets-boy trope has held sway for too long, neglecting individuality for the sake of an eventual ‘happily ever after.’ It’s time to break free from this syrupy script. Today, we crave love stories that empower, that transcend partnerships to celebrate the individual. In the realm of OTT, Indian web series and audio series emerge with fresh narratives. These tales not only boast well-crafted characters but also defy fairytale endings, embracing the beauty of the unexpected. Love might not always be the conclusion, but these stories remind us that what truly matters is you.

Here are 5 must-binge Unconventional Love Stories on OTT


Mismatched brings together Dimple, an ambitious woman with no interest in love, and Rishi, a romantic who adores Bollywood’s old-school ideals. The series defies conventions by portraying Dimple as non-conforming to traditional romance expectations. As their unlikely love story unfolds, it challenges norms and expectations. Amidst budding feelings, unforeseen events disrupt their path, leaving viewers with both anticipation and questions. Will Dimple and Rishi’s connection endure? The series surprises with twists and an unexpected ending, urging fans to await the next season for resolution. A refreshing take on romance, Mismatched streaming on Netflix keeps us hooked with its unconventional narrative and uncharted journey of love.

Superstar’s Hidden Wife

Superstar’s Hidden Wife by Pocket FM is an extraordinary audio series unraveling the unconventional romance between Prachi, an unassuming tea vendor, and Arnav, a renowned superstar. Arnav’s annoyance evolves into an unexpected bond as Prachi safeguards him unknowingly. Driven by an ominous horoscope, Arnav’s grandfather orchestrates their secret union. Prachi’s role as Arnav’s assistant leads to intricate emotions and Arnav’s transformation from disdain to longing, amidst threats and interference from his ex, Mihika. As Prachi explores Arnav’s past, their connection deepens, unveiling her own battles worsened by Arnav’s presence. Dramatic events, including heartrending divorce and reunions, reveal truths and conquer adversities. A climactic rescue cements their bond, culminating in parenthood. Written by Muskan Kumari Superstar’s Hidden Wife is an emotional rollercoaster, showcasing love’s resilience against all odds.

Bandish Bandits

Bandish Bandits harmonizes the worlds of Radhe and Tamanna, whose musical passions unite them despite stark differences. Radhe, a traditionalist aspiring in Indian Classical music, contrasts with Tamanna, a pop sensation who seeks shortcuts. An initially playful dynamic evolves into an intimate love story. In a departure from the trope of heartbreak driving success, Radhe’s love for Tamanna catalyzes his musical growth. Their unwavering support suggests an unbreakable bond, until Tamanna’s departure for Radhe’s betterment fractures expectations. Her return during a crucial performance revives hope, but her ultimate departure to resurrect her own career results in a bittersweet ending. With anticipation, viewers await the next season, pondering the fate of this musical romance. Bandish Bandits on Prime Video strikes a poignant chord, echoing the complexities of love and aspirations.


ImMATURE delves into the lives of three high school boys – Dhruv, Chacha, and Chutney, navigating the roller-coaster of teenagehood. With friendships, first loves, and heartbreaks, the trio grapples with the typical teenage challenges. Sixteen-year-old Dhruv, eager to grow up quickly, enlists the help of his school buddies Kabir and Susu to win the heart of his first crush, the accomplished Chhavi. The series captures the essence of adolescence with its relatable experiences, humor, and the pursuit of young love in a charming and endearing way. Watch ImMATURE on Prime Video.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Never Kiss Your Best Friend navigates the complexities of friendship and love. Beyond the cliché, it layers its plot with depth. Tani realizes her love for Sumer after failed relationships, but her confession falters due to circumstances. Reuniting years later, they find love. Yet, the seeming perfection unravels as the second season reveals their breakup, challenging the notion of a destined couple. The series defies convention, exploring the sobering reality that apparent soulmates may not ensure lasting happiness. Never Kiss Your Best Friend on Zee5 captures the intricacies of emotions and friendships, echoing the unpredictable nature of love’s journey.