Motovolt Unveils Dynamic New Logo And Brand Identity

Motovolt Unveils Dynamic New Logo And Brand Identity

Kolkata, 11th June 2024: Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd, a leading innovator in the electric vehicle industry, has come up with a vibrant new logo and brand identity. This re-branding marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey, emphasizing its commitment to innovation, ownership, and trust. The new brand color being orange and blue, and the cutting-edge plectrum design features the tech tiger.

Motovolt’s new logo reflects its core values and aspirations. The vibrant orange symbolizes creativity, innovation, warmth, energy, passion, and pride, while the serene blue stands for stability, trust, reliability, intelligence, logic, and professionalism. This bold combination embodies Motovolt’s dedication to being a people-first brand, rooted in responsible and aspirational values. The redesigned logo, with its distinctive plectrum design and tech tiger, underscores Motovolt’s commitment to leading the e-mobility revolution. This visual transformation gives the brand name and logo a distinct space, highlighting the sharper and stronger presence of the tiger.

“Today marks a trans-formative chapter for Motovolt. Our new logo and brand identity transcend mere visual updates, they embody our unwavering commitment to innovation, trust, and responsibility. We are proud to embrace the mantra ‘Own it’ as we spearhead the e-mobility revolution, creating a positive impact on both our customers and the environment,” said Mr. Tushar Chaudhury, Founder & CEO of Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd.

Motovolt has initiated a comprehensive strategy to ensure a smooth transition to the new logo across all brand collaterals, digital platforms, and physical assets. The unboxed typeface signifies a new dimension of openness, allowing the brand to gain more visibility and impact. The re-branding is set to enhance Motovolt’s market positioning and competitiveness. The new baseline, ‘Own it’, encapsulates the brand’s ethos, reflecting the desire to ‘own’ the evolution into electric mobility for customers and instilling a sense of ownership among internal audiences and stakeholders. The brand’s values – Responsible, People-First, Aspirational, Authentic, and Future-Proof – define its character. Motovolt is active, restless, committed, and encouraging, embodying the guiding wisdom and care for each other. The new colors reflect these values, embodying the core philosophy of the brand. Motovolt is committed to creating smart e-mobility solutions that positively impact communities and contribute to a sustainable future.

The re-branding initiative is designed to solidify Motovolt’s position as a trusted leader in the e-mobility sector, making it an aspirational brand for employees and a significant impact driver for consumers.



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