Namma Smaraka Program Call with Indian Diaspora in USA marks a Historic Beginning for the Adopt a Monument Program

Namma Smaraka Program Call with Indian Diaspora in USA marks a Historic Beginning for the Adopt a Monument Program

Namma Smaraka Program

Bengaluru,14th October 2023 Namma Smaraka Program Call with the Indian Diaspora in the USA marks a Historic Beginning for the Adopt a Monument Program with representation from Kannada Koota’s, TiE Global, and Individual Adopters from the USA

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Shri Devaraju. A, K.A.S, Commissioner, Archaeology, Museums, and Heritage setting the tone for the mission of the Namma Smaraka program – preserving and restoring our historical monuments.

Shri Prashanth Prakash, Chairman, Culkey Foundation & Chairman of the Startup Vision Group, Government of Karnataka, Partner at Accel, and, emphasized the program’s significance and shared his insights. ‘The rich heritage of Karnataka is reflected in the numerous heritage sites, palaces, monuments, and forts, which have played a crucial role in promoting tourism both within the state and internationally’ he said.

The event also saw the active participation of eminent figures such as B J Arun, former Chairman of TiE Global Board of Trustees, Kumar Malavalli, Founder of Brocade Communications, Keerthi Swamy, Director of the Indian American International Chamber of Commerce, and many others.

Dr. H. K. Patil, Honorable Minister for Law, Justice, Human Rights, Parliamentary Affairs, Legislation, and Tourism, expressed the theme of #ConnectToRoots through the #NammaSmaraka initiative. He called for active participation and highlighted the state’s diverse cultural heritage and the unique experiences it offers to tourists. Karnataka, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse tourism offerings, truly lives up to its brand promise of “One State, Many Worlds.” He said

During the event, Shri Satish Shekar, Director, Culkey Foundation, presented an action plan that emphasized the need to establish a comprehensive framework for providing essential amenities and services at Karnataka’s heritage monuments. The plan also aims to transform Karnataka’s heritage sites into must-visit tourism destinations.

Shri Karthik Kittu, Director of the Culkey Foundation, underscored the importance of archaeological monuments as expressions of India’s cultural heritage and national identity, particularly emphasizing the prevalence of temples among known archaeological sites.

Culkey Foundation, appointed as the official partner and project management unit, will facilitate the engagement of High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) and corporate leaders through monument adoption, further strengthening the Namma Smaraka program’s objectives.

About Namma Smaraka: The Namma Smaraka program is an initiative of the Government of Karnataka dedicated to preserving and promoting the state’s rich cultural heritage and historical monuments. It seeks to engage individuals, organizations, and corporate entities in preserving and enhancing Karnataka’s historical treasures, ultimately transforming the state into a prominent tourism destination For more details visit –