Narayana Murthy and T.V. Mohandas Pai Discuss India’s Growth Story, Corporate Governance & Entrepreneurship

Narayana Murthy and T.V. Mohandas Pai Discuss India’s Growth Story, Corporate Governance & Entrepreneurship

Narayana Murthy and T.V. Mohandas

Bengaluru, 27th October 2023 – 3one4 Capital, a Bengaluru-based early-stage venture capital firm, announces the official launch of ‘The Record,’ its latest video series. This insightful series is positioned to provide exceptional insights into the spheres of entrepreneurship and leadership. Notably, the inaugural episodes of ‘The Record,’ in collaboration with Catamaran, feature Narayana Murthy and T.V. Mohandas Pai, underscoring the series’ significance within the corporate landscape, and offering a platform for inspiring dialogues and meaningful ideas.

‘The Record’ by 3one4 Capital aims to highlight the transformational journeys of India’s industry leaders and to explore the strategies through which they navigated challenges on their paths to large outcomes. This series offers a distinctive opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in the fundamental elements of thriving entrepreneurship in India, the dynamics of effective leadership, the complexities of corporate governance, principles for positive-sum market expansion, the forces guiding India’s growth trajectory, and much more.

The collaboration with Catamaran, the esteemed family office of Narayana Murthy, adds a significant dimension to the inaugural episodes of ‘The Record.’ Catamaran is widely known in the industry and has played a pivotal role in fostering successful ventures. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both organizations to empower the entrepreneurial and leadership ecosystem in India.

Commenting at the launch of The Record, Narayana Murthy said, “Catamaran is happy to partner with 3one4 Capital on this inaugural episode. History has a lot to teach us, and candid dialogue on platforms like this will help reveal the intricate journey of entrepreneurship and leadership.”

T.V. Mohandas Pai said, “The Record is an intentional initiative by 3one4 Capital to support a dialogue on governance, startup growth, managing the path to building large institutions, and many other matters related to the transformational journey of entrepreneurship. The inaugural episodes of The Record with Narayana Murthy on corporate governance, building a constructive board, building great teams, and ensuring that corporates are run with the highest standards of governance and ethics will go a long way in helping entrepreneurs across the ecosystem. What Narayana Murthy brings to the dialogue is very rich experience and standard setting, steps that he’s taken in building a legacy at Infosys. It’s important for us to learn from the best entrepreneurs India has produced over time, and I look forward to more such dialogues soon.”

Pranav Pai, the Founding Partner of 3one4 Capital, introduced the launch of ‘The Record, “We have designed ‘The Record’ to support young Indians and the wider startup and corporate ecosystem in their search for focused insights from industry leaders who have successfully built some of India’s most distinguished enterprises. We aspire for this video series to serve as a compass for the country’s entrepreneurs and operators as they build towards sustainable and inclusive technological and socio-economic advancement.”

As ‘The Record’ continues its episodic releases, 3one4 Capital remains committed to hosting similar conversations with a diverse group of industry leaders from across the nation. These discussions will delve into their unique journeys, sharing experiences, challenges, and achievements as valuable learning opportunities. Each upcoming episode will grant access to the strategic frameworks and transformative ideas that have driven these individuals to success. The collaboration with Catamaran in the inaugural episodes reflects 3one4 Capital’s dedication to offering viewers an exceptional opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of these industry experts in the future.