National Technology Day 2024: How Brands Are Democratizing Access and Opportunity with Tech

National Technology Day 2024: How Brands Are Democratizing Access and Opportunity with Tech

On National Technology Day 2024, we celebrate the pivotal role of technology in shaping India’s economic landscape, fostering innovation, and driving inclusive growth. India’s technology sector has evolved into a dynamic force propelling the nation’s GDP, employment opportunities, and overall economic prosperity. With projected revenue poised to reach USD 245 billion in FY23, as per NASSCOM’s ‘Technology Sector in India 2023: Strategic Review’, the industry is on an upward trajectory towards the USD 500 billion milestone by 2030. From deep technology talent to transformative government policies and a burgeoning start-up ecosystem, India’s tech industry is at the forefront of global innovation.

Let’s explore how brands are democratizing access and opportunity with tech and shaping the future of India’s digital landscape.

mPokket, one of India’s leading digital lending platforms, has been committed to promoting financial inclusion and meeting the aspirations of India’s Youth. By focusing on young individuals with limited credit history, it addresses a critical gap in traditional banking systems. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML, mPokket ensures efficient underwriting processes, making credit accessible to those previously excluded. The platform is a popular option for youth who require quick and easy access to finances owing to its user-friendly interface and speedy processing times. mPokket stands as a beacon of innovation and youth empowerment, illuminating pathways to financial independence and opportunity for India’s vibrant youth.

Hero Vired
Amidst the rapid advancements in technology, the professional landscape is undergoing profound transformations. Hero Vired’s ‘Future of the Skills Landscape 2024’ revealed that professionals are worried about potential job redundancy due to emerging technologies. Moreover, there is a huge skill gap between academia and industry standards of work. As technology is evolving at a rapid rate, upskilling is the only bulletproof way to keep pace with the developments in the evolving job market. This National Technology Day, let’s embrace continuous learning and upskill ourselves with the latest technological skills to remain agile and irreplaceable in the job market. Hero Vired, the edtech startup from the Hero Group offers future-forward courses to prepare professionals and graduates with Industry 4.0 and Future of Work. You can choose from domains like Future-Tech, Data Science, and Technology and learn new-age skills like gaming, esports, data analytics, cybersecurity, and more. Let’s take charge of our careers and make technology our friend, and not foe!

Revolutionizing the digital lending landscape, Biz2X harnesses the power of AI, data analytics, and intelligent automation to streamline lending operations, enhance customer experiences, and propel sustainable growth. The comprehensive Biz2X solution spans the entire lending lifecycle, from user-friendly digital applications to AI-driven underwriting powered by sophisticated cash flow analysis and risk modeling capabilities. The platform’s white-label environment allows for seamless customization, delivering a tailored experience to each financial institution. Aligning with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, Biz2X is forging strategic collaborations with premier Indian institutions to nurture AI capabilities within the nation. By hiring specialized talent and providing global exposure, the company contributes to the development of a self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat) while leveraging global expertise for businesses across the world. As the financial sector undergoes transformative digital disruption, Biz2X stands at the forefront, empowering lenders to thrive in the digital age while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Zupee’s pioneering approach to skill-based Ludo has revolutionized real money online gaming, democratizing access and opportunity with innovative technology. By infusing traditional Indian board games like Ludo with skill-based elements, Zupee is the go-to platform for users to engage in meaningful entertainment. Zupee offers a seamless experience, with various RNG-certified Ludo formats such as Ludo Supreme, Ludo Supreme League, and Ludo Turbo. With features like time limits, skip move options and clear guidelines on responsible gameplay, Zupee ensures a level playing field for all users. Through its commitment to innovation, empowerment, and player protection, Zupee shapes the future of skill-based online gaming, fostering social connections, enhancing skills, and spreading joy.

Galgotias University
Galgotias University’s Incubation Center stands as a beacon of innovation in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, where breakthroughs in fields such as AI, IoT, and blockchain redefine possibilities. Nurturing 107 startups across diverse sectors, the center cultivates a fertile ground for visionary ideas spanning from cutting-edge health tech solutions to trailblazing e-commerce platforms. What sets these ventures apart is their unwavering commitment to addressing pressing global challenges, and aligning their missions with sustainable development goals. Driven by a profound sense of societal responsibility, these startups harness advanced technology and collaborative support from the university’s ecosystem to not just chase profits, but to create meaningful impacts. Empowered by crucial resources and expert guidance, they navigate hurdles to emerge as resilient enterprises, shaping industries with their disruptive innovations. As they pioneer advancements in technology and business models, they steer towards a future that is not just inclusive but also environmentally conscious and sustainable.



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