Nurasoi Celebrates Women Entrepreneur Team

Nurasoi Celebrates Women Entrepreneur Team

Nurasoi Celebrates Women

Ahmedabad,18th April 2024:Vyndo by NURASOI celebrated and empowered women entrepreneurs who came together as a robust sales network of the brand by organizing an inspiring meet-and-greet gala evening with the Vyndo family. The event was designed to create a deep connection with them and instill a sense of belongingness with the team.

Having reached a promising number of 30 since company’s inception in December 2023, this group of ladies has contributed substantially towards the total sales of the brand. Rightly named “Nu-Naari,” a term that combines “Nu” from Nurasoi with the Hindi word for “women of today,” these enterprising women have propelled Vyndo, the first brand in line from the house of Nurasoi to establish itself in the market.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the Nu-Naaries interacted with Nurasoi executives and amongst themselves. The event resonated deeply with them all, as evidenced by their heartfelt testimonials. Many expressed a sense of overwhelming joy at finally being recognized not just as wives or mothers but as individuals with their own identities and entrepreneurial spirit. This recognition, they shared, provided a powerful sense of motivation and empowerment, successfully coinciding with the objective with which this assemblage was created.

A highly excited Jayshree Ben said, “I endorse Vyndo snacks with a lot of pride. The fact that Vyndo is not just any other millet snack but is an outcome of profound research & development combined with latest technological advancements, makes it easier for me to find new clients and retain the older ones.”

Representing the emotion of Nu-Naaries, Mayuri said, “While countless communities work tirelessly for the underprivileged, the hidden struggles of women who prioritize family over their aspirations often go unnoticed. It’s incredibly motivating to be recognized and be able to make an income while staying home; seamlessly striking a balance between work and family.”

Seeing an overwhelming response received from the ladies, co-founder Dietician Komal Patel said, “My passion goes beyond simply creating healthy eating plans for my clients. It deeply troubles me to see our overall health habits declining. Which is why I’m eternally grateful to these amazing women who empower me to reach more women and ultimately, their families. After all, women are often the primary caregivers, and these Nu-Naaries are my powerful allies in this mission!”

Chandan Maloo, co-founder Nurasoi too shared the faith he has in the endurance women carry by saying, “We are fortunate to have such an incredible team of women with us! I am sure they don’t know what they are truly doing – they are not merely selling healthy snacks but creating an entire ecosystem of healthy habits by conditioning minds and inculcating healthy habits from one family to another. This is exactly what we as a brand aim for! To change the way we snack.”

The Head of Nu-Naari department Ruchi Vyas remarked, “We endeavor to put together an incredible team that believes in our intent towards creating a healthier ecosystem. In this ongoing journey, we seek to provide a sense of self-reliance to Nu-Naaries empowering them to achieve their dreams, to be well-appreciated for their efforts, and to be completely independent.”

Nurasoi is proud to have such a dedicated and impactful team of women leading the charge in healthy snacking. Committed to changing the snacking landscape, Nurasoi has created a well-spanned-out web that is successfully delivering health in the form of any-time, on-the-go millet based clean and healthy snacks under the name of Vyndo.