Oakridge Students Celebrate IBDP Results and Top University Placements

Oakridge Students Celebrate IBDP Results and Top University Placements

10th July 2024  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India  Oakridge International School Bengaluru is celebrating exceptional grade 12 IB results and placements. Mischa, who is placed at Johns Hopkins University, scored the top score of 43, while Arjun, who is going to UC Sandiego, scored 41.

The students surpassed expectations and demonstrated exceptional performance across all six subject groups alongside high pass rates and notable individual achievements. Jia, Swetha S, and Mischa secured perfect scores in the core subjects TOK & Extended Essay.

“All of us here at Oakridge are incredibly proud of our IBDP cohort. It is great to see the results and the fantastic destinations they have chosen from multiple university offers in hand,” said Christopher Short, MD – Nord Anglia Education India Region.

Congrats to our standout students accepted into the world’s top universities

Thanks to its incredible results, graduating students from Oakridge have received offers to attend the top 125+ universities globally. This year, the students are headed to first-choice universities such as Cornell University, King’s College, Purdue University, Krea University, Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, and more.

University Fairs & Visits

Regular University visits are organized by the career counseling team in school throughout the year. University fairs in collaboration with CIALFO, Oakridge’s global career exploration partner, were held in August & October. All these events gave the students and parents an excellent opportunity to interact with the University admission officers, giving them insight into aspects not mentioned on websites. The Q&A sessions helped them clarify their doubts and understand university cultures and processes better.



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