Oasis Fertility, Kurnool conducts Mass Baby Shower to felicitate couples who conceived through IVF!

Oasis Fertility, Kurnool conducts Mass Baby Shower to felicitate couples who conceived through IVF!

Kurnool, February 18th, 2023: Infertility is becoming a major concern in India due to erratic lifestyles, consumption of junk food, obesity, delayed parenthood, PCOS, and many other factors. Though 15% of Indian couples have infertility issues, hardly 3% seek fertility assistance. The misconceptions about infertility and the lack of awareness of advanced fertility treatments prevent couples from attaining parenthood. Hence, spreading the good news about advanced technologies and treatment options is the need of the hour.

Oasis Fertility, Kurnool, is one of the reputed fertility centers in Andhra Pradesh that offers highly personalized fertility treatments that are backed by technology. Several couples have attained parenthood with the assistance of Oasis Fertility, Kurnool. The center conducted a mass baby shower to felicitate all mothers-to-be who conceived through IVF treatment.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi D, Clinical Head and Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Kurnool stated, “I am very delighted to be part of this wonderful occasion, and my heartfelt wishes to all the mothers-to-be. At Oasis Fertility, we provide all kinds of advanced fertility treatments to both men and women enabling them to have their own biological children. Several million babies have been born out of IVF all over the world and hence couples need to come out of their fears and inhibitions and visit a fertility center if they are unable to conceive even after a year. Couples should also be aware that fertility declines with age and therefore the earlier the intervention, the better the outcomes. The infertility problem is on the rise world over, and due to a lack of awareness only 1% of those seeking treatment. Oasis through advanced technologies is in a position to make couples conceive their own genetic babies. We have a fertility preservation facility in Kurnool, to help patients suffering from cancer, as radiation and chemotherapies such patients undergo, harm their healthy cells. These patients can now do testicular tissue freezing in the case of men and oocyte freezing for women, very few centers have this facility. We are also offering Drug-Free IVF called CAPA IVM for the first time in the country. Oasis has to date fulfilled the dreams of 67000 couples.”

Chief Guest Smt. S.V. Vijayamma Garu, YSRCP Leader, said, earlier women had to bear the blame for not getting pregnant or conceiving a baby and the man went about marrying more women to bear his child. But infertility treatment brought about a change in the mindset and made men realize that the cause for not bearing a child could be due to deficiency in them and that’s a happy development. But the belief of women being responsible for not conceiving continues in rural areas, therefore there is an utmost need to build awareness about infertility treatment in rural areas. To seek infertility treatment people had to go too far to places like Hyderabad and Bangalore, but such advanced treatment is available in Kurnool itself. I look forward to Oasis setting up centers in smaller towns in the neighborhood of Kurnool and reaching out to the semi-urban and rural populace.

Guests of Honour Smt. B.T. Jaya Lakshmi Garu, B.A.N.I.S Yoga Master & National Gold Medalist; said, earlier not bearing a child was considered to be a curse, but today infertility treatment can help couples conceive. Practicing Yoga can help bear healthy children and my advice to all childbearing-age couples is to adopt yoga for a better lifestyle.

Dr. Vinusha Reddy Garu, Gold Medalist, State BJP Spokesperson; said, in our country, there are more than 2.73 crores of childless couples. Our culture giving children is given a lot of importance, though not much prominence is given to this by Westerners. The childless couple endures enormous trauma, especially the women get blamed for it. Oasis is known to provide the latest treatment and is now offering India’s first CAPA IVM (Drug-Free IVF) baby, thus the best possible infertility care in the country. Oasis is also known for its ethical care as trust is very critical in infertility care. Oasis center here is a boon for the people of Kurnool.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Dasari, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility; joined the couples who conceived through IVF, along with the kids at the Mass Baby Shower Celebrations, hosted by Oasis Fertility, at Oasis Fertility, Kurnool, today.