OBEETEE Carpets to launch an enchanting new collection inspired by characters from Disney, Marvel and Pixar

OBEETEE Carpets to launch an enchanting new collection inspired by characters from Disney, Marvel and Pixar


21st December 2023 – OBEETEE Carpets has exciting news for Disney enthusiasts and fans of iconic characters from Marvel and Pixar. The renowned carpet manufacturer has unveiled an upcoming collaboration with Disney, slated for launch in December 2023. This partnership will introduce an enchanting collection of carpets showcasing beloved characters from Disney classics, Marvel epics, and Pixar adventures.

The forthcoming release of this unique collection represents a significant expansion within the brand’s existing line-up, renowned for offering an array of meticulously handcrafted rugs and carpets, spanning traditional and contemporary designs. This newly envisioned Disney collection represents an innovative twist on their existing kids’ collection. The range promises to captivate the attention not only of children but also young adults who admire Marvel heroes like Iron Man and others.

The collection itself promises a captivating array of designs, each drawing inspiration from cherished Disney characters. The line-up features iconic figures like Mickey and Friends, Disney Princesses Cinderella and Belle, Marvel’s revered Avengers including Iron Man and Captain America, and Pixar’s endearing Lightning McQueen and the Aliens from Toy Story. Bursting with vibrancy, joy, and an array of captivating colors, these designs are certain to elicit delight from Disney enthusiasts spanning various age groups.

In a tribute to Disney’s rich legacy of storytelling, Obeetee will unveil distinctive prints that pay homage to adored characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Disney Princesses, and Marvel heroes. Coinciding with Disney’s momentous 100th anniversary, Obeetee has also introduced a special collection that presents shoppers with uniquely designed prints, celebrating cherished Disney characters across a century of magic.

Angelique Dhama, the visionary CEO of OBEETEE Carpets, effused her excitement for this new venture, stating, “Our collaboration with Disney for this captivating collection fills us with immense joy. The painstaking effort and resources we’ve invested in capturing the very essence of these beloved characters are poised to resonate deeply with our customers.”

The eagerly anticipated collection by OBEETEE Carpets will be available both in physical stores and online, allowing Indian fans to bring the magic of Disney characters into their homes. Boasting a diverse array of carpet styles, sizes, and shapes, the collection ensures a wide array of choices for customers.

OBEETEE Carpets boasts a longstanding reputation for producing the highest quality carpets, infusing warmth, style, and vitality into every space they grace. The company’s unwavering attention to detail, commitment to sustainable materials, and dedication to customer satisfaction have firmly established it as an industry leader.

This landmark collaboration with Disney marks an impressive stride forward, positioning OBEETEE Carpets to capture the hearts of Disney enthusiasts with their exquisite offerings.