Painter-Sculptor Swati Pasari:Crafting Timeless Art Pieces That Resonate With The Soul

Painter-Sculptor Swati Pasari:Crafting Timeless Art Pieces That Resonate With The Soul

Painter-Sculptor Swati

Kolkata’s businesswoman turned painter-sculptor, Ms Swati Pasari has become a name to reckon with through a fascinating trip into the world of art as it explores the deep and unique universe of the artist whose work has left a lasting impression on the international art scene. Her artistic journey started in 2007, and in a comparatively short time, she has reached a level of maturity that speaks to deep reflection. With multiple global exhibitions under her belt and many more to come, the artist’s career path is nothing less than a monument to the transformational potential of art. This artist’s canvas is narratively supported by themes of immortality, timelessness, and inner calm, which give each brushstroke a function beyond mere aesthetics.

Swati started painting once a week as a hobby. The transition from painting as a hobby to a career was “soulful,” the artist recalls, adding that being connected to the canvas and the colors made her realize that this is where she feels most invigorating. For her, She looks at each painting as a mirror that portrays herself and all that she stands for.

35-year-old painter has her heart in sculpting too. “I was a painter before I started sculpting, but after seeing how well-received and well-known my sculptures are in the marketplace, I now consider myself more of a sculptor. My sculpture has received a lot of praise for being quite original, thus I believe it has evolved into more of a sculpture. Paintings and sculptures are both excellent forms of art,” Swati said.

Being a Pranic Healer, she has a strong spiritual side to herself and most of her paintings are made to spread positivity. Her works speak mainly about immortality, timelessness, inner stillness, peace, and meditation. According to her, she once went through a strange phase in life that left her rudderless in her life. That’s when she started experimenting simultaneously with painting and pranic healing. In her words pranic healing made her realize that painting is her ultimate goal.

Swati aims to use her creativity to bring love and happiness to everyone around her and work for the oppressed. She also feels a deep spiritual connection to Varanasi, therefore she regularly visits schools and makes donations to the hospitals there. “Through my art, I also raise money for these causes. As an aspiring artist in India, a social activist, and a youth advocate, my life’s work is centered around serving the underprivileged,” she added.

Speaking about the present art market, Swati said that Bengal is home to many artists, with Kolkata serving as the region’s artistic center. The Bengali market, in my opinion, is a reflection of the country. It’s the same as the Indian market as a whole; I don’t perceive any significant differences.

Over the years, her work has been showcased at several exhibitions, including ones at galleries in India such as Sublime Art Gallery, Dhoomimal City Art Gallery, Aura Art, and Emami Art Gallery, as well as galleries in the US such as Jack Rabbit and Laasya Art.