Panerai Unveils Its New Boutique At Jio World Plaza, Mumbai

Panerai Unveils Its New Boutique At Jio World Plaza, Mumbai


Panerai inaugurates a new boutique at Jio World Plaza. Located in the premises of Mumbai’s largest luxury mall, the space is the first in India to introduce the brand’s latest signature design concept.

Spanning over 60 sqm, the Panerai Jio World Plaza boutique reflects a blueprint that shapes the aesthetic and atmosphere of Panerai; extending even to the most minute detail, it is an embodiment of the brand’s center pillars: Italianity, the world of the sea and technicity. These elements blend seamlessly to capture the essence of the Maison, taking customers on a sensory journey that merges luxury, heritage, innovation and the spirit of discovery.

Beginning from the exterior of the boutique, the Panerai logo, bold and distinct, synchronizes with the expansive, transparent windows to foster a visual dialogue with the world outside, inviting passers to glimpse inside the Panerai world, igniting their curiosity and encouraging them to step into the Watchmaker’s world.

Inside, the narrative continues with the iconic luminescent clock, retro illuminated to recall the Super-Luminova® fluorescence, a shared feature in all Panerai watches. This fully operational timepiece, strategically placed for elevated visibility is an unmistakable nod to the brand’s DNA, underscoring the enduring theme of luminescence.

As clients enter the space, they are pervaded by a distinctive scent and music. They are welcomed by a harmonious blend of concrete finish, marble-effect flooring, wood veneer and metal grids – materials chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their representation of the brand’s values. The wood veneer and metal grids contribute to the boutique’s contemporary aesthetic. The use of blue to symbolize the sea and the numerous marine-inspired elements and details are expressions of the brand’s integral connection with the underwater and diving world.

The layout is designed to narrate the brand’s story, accompanying customers through the different collections of the Panerai universe. The boutique houses timepieces from all Panerai’s collections – Luminor, Luminor Due, Radiomir and Submersible. While Luminor – with its emblematic, patented crown-protecting device – represents the essence of Panerai, Luminor Due – with its thinner case – is the most versatile amongst the brand’s creations. The Radiomir, on the other hand, is all about Panerai legendary history and, with its refined and vintage details, is the most classic line. The Submersible, finally, captures the brand’s natural playground, the World of the Sea, with its diving watches developed for Modern Heroes.

Visitors are greeted with warmth as familiar as home: the space, thoughtfully curated, serves not as a mere retail outpost, but as the embodiment of an elevated experience — one centered around warmth, familiarity and the easy comfort. The space is as much a testament to Panerai’s commitment to excellence in craftsmanship as it is an homage to the brand’s heritage and identity, where every visitor is welcomed as an esteemed guest.

Further, an experience exclusively available at the Jio World Plaza boutique in India, is the Bar Italiano. The space not only functions as a café, but also pays homage to the coffee tradition, inviting customers to savour in a convivial setting. The blend of rich flavours with the tactile exploration of Panerai’s products creates a multi-sensory shopping experience.