Philippos Matthai & Ashad Pasha shines at the INAC Championship

Philippos Matthai & Ashad Pasha shines at the INAC Championship

Philippos Matthai

Mumbai, India – 3rd May 2024 – The Indian National Autocross Championship Finals and Time Attack Races, hosted by the Indian Automotive Racing Club (IARC) at the Nanoli Stud Farm near Pune, witnessed an exhilarating display of speed and skill. PhilipposMatthai emerged as a standout performer, clinching the title of the fastest driver in the Time Attack Event and securing numerous FMSCI National AutoCross Championship podiums, highlighting his exceptional prowess on the track. The championship finals also highlighted outstanding performances from Dhruva Chandrashekar, MazdayarVatcha, Nikhil J, Daksh Gill, and NikeetaTakkale, among others, across various categories of races.

In the fiercely contested INAC-Open Class, Matthai’s stellar lap of 1:26.000 in his VW Polo secured him the top spot, leaving his competitors trailing behind. Notably, UdayPilani claimed second place with a time of 11:28.909, followed closely by Naveen Puligilla with a time of 1:33.422 and Nikhil J recorded 1:33.824.

In the INAC 1 Class (800cc to 1650cc), Nikhil J showcased his speed mastery with a blistering fastest time of 1:25.094, leading the pack ahead of DhruvaChandrashekar who recorded 1:26.267, and Ashad Pasha who did a lap in 1:26.854, demonstrated remarkable skill in securing podium finishes.

Ashad Pasha further showcased his talent by dominating double wins in the INAC 2 Class (800cc to 1400cc) and (1401cc to 1650cc) with a commanding time of 1:27.840, closely followed by Mazdayar with 1:32.228 and Kiran Reddy with 1:32.336.

DhruvaChandrashekar’s triumph in the INAC 2 Open Class, with a timing of 1:26:738 in VW Polo, underscored the intensity of competition, with his closely contested victory against PhilipposMatthai and NikeetaTakkale, showcasing the pinnacle of racing excellence.

In INAC 3-Open Class Hyderabad’s MazdayarVatcha emerged victorious with a standout performance of 1:30.657, with Goa’s Amey Desai coming in second with a time of 1:31.277 followed by Praveen Dwarkanath with a time of 1:33.474.

The 4WD Open category witnessed Daksh Gill’s dominance in Subaru, as he claimed the title with an exceptional time of 1:27.786, followed by SravanKuttor who recorded 1:33.222, and Mazdayar with 1:34.002.

In the women’s category of Time Attack event, Pune’s NikeetaTakkale secured first position with a time of 1:31.380 followed by TarushiVikram with 1:32.988 and Nikita Nair coming in 3rd with 2:01.456.

The INAC championships not only showcased the thrilling spectacle of motorsport but also celebrated the exceptional talent and dedication of drivers from diverse backgrounds, setting the stage for future racing endeavors filled with excitement and anticipation.