Pioneering Success: JIIF’s Incubation Cohort Programs Propel India’s Startup Revolution

Pioneering Success: JIIF’s Incubation Cohort Programs Propel India’s Startup Revolution

India, 19th April 2024: JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation (JIIF), one of India’s leading Incubator and Angel Networks, announces the launch of JITO Incubation Centre (JIC) Cohort 10. Following the success of Cohorts 8 and 9, applications for the Cohort 10 Incubation Program have commenced, with a submission deadline of April 30th, 2024. This program will be sector-agnostic.

JITO Incubation Centre, India’s premier incubator, is transforming the startup landscape with its impactful cohorts. Since its inception in 2017, the center has focused on nurturing new-age founders and continues to gain recognition for its successful cohort-based programs, consistently attracting numerous applicants for upcoming initiatives.

In a historic first, the center organized Cohort 8, a Women-Specific Incubation Program in September 2023, receiving 50 applications from across India. 25 women founders participated in a four-day bootcamp, culminating in the selection of three standout startups: Froodelite (D2C) offering caffeine-free fruit tea with unique rooibos-based flavor combinations; The Critical Thinking School (EdTech), India’s first career counseling platform without reliance on tests to guide a child’s career path; and Vigor E-Bike (Automobile), Rajasthan’s first E-Moto Bike startup developed by top IT-Tech and Automotive industry professionals for today’s youth.

Building on the success of Cohort 8, JITO launched Cohort 9 Incubation Program in February 2024, targeting young founders who are eager to build their startups. The program received over 60 applications from diverse sectors including D2C, SAAS, EV, Chemtech, and Deeptech, showcasing an exceptional drive to innovate and create a global impact. Among the top-notched applicants selected for the exclusive program were EvoraGreens (D2C), which is transforming the coffee experience with functional brews that offer delightful flavors and health benefits, and Jaipour Coffee (D2C), which provides exceptional coffee that evokes a sense of home with every exquisite brew.

The program also welcomed The Elefant (EdTech), India’s first toy rental mobile app revolutionizing play, and Loadsor (Logistics), a platform that connects stakeholders in the supply chain and provides visibility and insights into every operation. Additionally, SpaceAgeFood (D2C) is crafting healthy on-the-go snacks using advanced shelf-stable technology, and OrderAxe (Info & Comm) offers sophisticated cloud-based OMS and ERP solutions tailored for manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses.

Rajat Mehta, Chairman of JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation (JIIF), expressed pride about the achievements and said, “I’m thrilled with the success of our initiatives like Cohort 8 and 9, as they promote innovation and entrepreneurial excellence in alignment with the ‘Make in India’ initiative. We foresee that Cohort 10 will give a boost to our reputation, expand our network, facilitate knowledge exchange, spur ecosystem growth, and ensure continuous support for budding ventures.”

Vikash Kawar, Vice-Chairman, JITO Incubation Centre (JIC), said, “I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the potential of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through our diverse range of supported startups. We’re proud to contribute to PM Modi’s dream of a ‘Viksit Bharat,’ and I believe our efforts will continue to attract investments and enhance the digital innovation in India.”

The incubation program spans 12 weeks and offers a wealth of benefits, including incubation and co-working facilities, technology and business mentoring, marketing, networking, and outreach. Participants gain access to national and international events for global exposure and collaboration with government grants and schemes.