Pocket Door by Hafele

Pocket Door by Hafele

Pocket DoPocket Door by Hafeleor by HafeleThe freedom of accessing the contents of your cabinets without any obstruction is unmatched. Whether it is to hide your daily use accessories, appliances or that fine dinner set for a seamless aesthetic, or taking them out for cooking or serving a delicious meal, getting access to the complete cabinet area without any interference from the doors enables ease of movement.

Enabling this seamless experience is Häfele’s new introduction, the Hide Away Pocket Door System, which offers convenient and hassle-free access to your cabinet contents. The doors in this system hide away neatly into the pockets between the cabinets giving you complete and unobstructed access while also saving space which would be otherwise occupied by open cabinet doors.

Integrated with smooth guiding rollers, this system is convenient to use and comes with various runner length options, meeting varied customer requirements.

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