Popeyes® arrives in Hyderabad

Popeyes® arrives in Hyderabad


Hyderabad,15th July 2023: FoodWorks Limited (NSE, BSE: JUBLFOOD), India’s largest food service company, joyfully announces the inauguration of Popeyes®, the iconic US fried chicken titan, in the culturally rich and dynamic city of Hyderabad. With a robust legacy nearing half a century, Popeyes® has firmly positioned itself as a global phenomenon, enchanting palates and earning loyal followers across the world.

The brand’s spectacular debut in India began with the launch of its flagship restaurant in Bengaluru and was quickly followed by a triumphant spread in Chennai, Manipal, and Coimbatore. The brand’s advent in Hyderabad signals yet another significant achievement, highlighting its rapidly growing appeal and fandom among fried chicken aficionados throughout the southern Indian territories.

“We are overjoyed to bring Popeyes® to the energetic heart of Hyderabad, fifth city for the brand in South India”, shared Sameer Khetarpal, CEO and MD of Jubilant FoodWorks Limited. “Citizens of Hyderabad can now enjoy the bold Cajun flavours of fried chicken, burger (sandwich) in a brioche bun and French fries at the first store in Asian Satyam Mall. Seeing the lines outside the restaurant, we are humbled by the response that we are getting, motivating us to launch 30-35 stores in this year.”

Since its establishment in 1972, Popeyes has mesmerized global audiences with its authentic New Orleans-style culinary masterpieces, featuring the renowned fried chicken and signature chicken sandwiches. Nestled in Satyam Mall, Ameerpet, the inaugural Popeyes® outlet in Hyderabad is primed to swing its doors open on July 12, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in the tantalizing allure of Cajun-infused cuisine.

The meteoric success of Popeyes® is attributed to its meticulous hand breading, battering, and marinating of locally procured fresh chicken for a full 12 hours in distinctive Cajun seasonings – a classic fusion of cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, black and white pepper, and celery, guaranteeing a truly memorable gastronomic adventure with each bite.

Gaurav Pande, Executive Vice President and Head of Business at Popeyes® India added, “We are extremely happy to see how our iconic Louisiana-style fried chicken and signature Cajun flavors have struck a chord with the Indian audience. Our chicken, freshly sourced, freshly prepared and marinated over 12 hours, showcases our dedication to providing our customers with dishes that are flavourful to the very last bite. We are eagerly looking forward to serving our guests in Hyderabad and creating a memorable experience and loyalty for Popeyes that exists worldwide.”

The Popeyes® India menu showcases the globally acclaimed Chicken Sandwich, along with a plethora of fried chicken selections that are freshly obtained, antibiotic-free, and devoid of any added MSG. To complete the gastronomic ensemble, the menu also offers balanced meal choices like Rice Bowls and Wraps, including vegetarian options, ensuring a holistic Popeyes® dining experience for all patrons. The brand has set a benchmark for its consumers with its iconic Hot & Messy Range, which is its signature fried chicken coated in flavourful sauces with Smoky Pepper and Sweet Chilli flavours. This unique offering continues to be a delightful choice for all the Indian guests.

Popeyes® has gained a reputation for its bustling queues and palpable anticipation during the unveiling of new outlets. The brand’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and audacious flavors has cultivated a devout fan base, who eagerly anticipate each fresh Popeyes® location. As Hyderabad embraces Popeyes®, it is predicted that the city’s food lovers will join the ranks of these devoted fans, ready to savour the brand’s distinct flavors and culinary prowess.

Popeyes® has made its menu available at fingertips with its dedicated app (for Android and iOS) and mobile website (www.popeyes.in), facilitating home-based gastronomic indulgence. Jubilant FoodWorks Limited has established its own delivery fleet, fully equipped with e-bikes to ensure a seamless, zero-emission delivery of the Popeyes® experience.