Redcliffe Labs introduces First ever AI-based Clinical Reporting in collaboration with global healthcare giant

Redcliffe Labs introduces First ever AI-based Clinical Reporting in collaboration with global healthcare giant

New Delhi – Redcliffe Labs, a leading omnichannel Pan India diagnostics service provider, has collaborated with Abbott India, a global healthcare giant to introduce Clinical Decision Support (CDS) also known as AlinIQ, powered by various proprietary technologies including Big Data Engines and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This groundbreaking development aims to revolutionize healthcare, offering promising solutions to enhance patient care and convenience.

Redcliffe Labs has taken a significant step forward by becoming the first in the diagnostics industry to adopt the newly launched AI-based AlinIQ Clinical Decision Support system. The rollout took 24 months towards implementing the advanced platform. This cutting-edge technology empowers consumers but also clinicians and other healthcare professionals with unparalleled insights and recommendations, revolutionizing medical decisions.

In the modern healthcare landscape, the abundance of data, commonly known as ‘Big Data,’ poses challenges to clinical decision-making. Clinical high-quality laboratories platforms, like Redcliffe Labs, contribute significantly to this data generation by continuously conducting advanced health tests for accurate diagnosis. The complexity introduced by this vast information has increased the burden on healthcare professionals. Redcliffe Labs aims to alleviate this burden, enabling more efficient and informed decision-making for improved patient outcomes.

Redcliffe Labs recognized the need to transform this vast data into meaningful, actionable insights. The AI-powered CDS System bridges the gap, providing healthcare professionals with user-friendly, personalized, and easy-to-interpret information.

The CDS system goes beyond traditional laboratory reporting by utilizing AI-driven algorithms to apply decision-making to individual patient cases automatically. It enables healthcare professionals to access scientific interpretations based on clinical recommendations, providing enhanced insights for better treatment decisions.

By adopting the latest AI technology, Redcliffe Labs is leading the way toward a more personalized and precise approach to healthcare, contributing to a brighter and healthier future for every Indian.

Redcliffe Labs, pioneering unwavering advancements in the diagnostic industry, has consistently forged strategic partnerships with prominent healthcare and technological brands, including Roche Diagnostics, MongoDB, BD-Max MDR TB, and Abbott. These collaborations share a common objective to provide convenient, accurate, high-quality, and affordable diagnostic services to the people of India, ensuring accessibility, affordability and excellence in healthcare.

“At Redcliffe Labs, our unwavering commitment to advancing patient care through innovation and technology has led to the development of the AI based CDS system,” stated Dheeraj Jain, Founder & MD of Redcliffe Labs. “Our state-of-the-art CDS represents a giant leap forward in the diagnostic healthcare sector, empowering our skilled clinicians with invaluable insights to provide the best possible care for our patients.”

Mr. Jamshyed Patrawala, Country Head of Abbott India, emphasized that this integration marks a significant milestone in the diagnostic industry, promising to enhance the overall diagnostics landscape of the country. He believes this advancement will greatly support clinicians and provide better convenience for individuals, as they will receive comprehensive and personalized reports, unveiling their comparative health condition.

The collaboration between Redcliffe Labs and Abbott has been instrumental in successfully implementing the AlinIQ CDS system.

Dr. Sohini Sengupta, Medical Laboratory Director at Redcliffe Labs, led the CDS project by enabling the customization of clinical guidelines, which will form the basis for generating personalized patient-centric reports at Redcliffe Labs. These were configured for over a year in close association with Dr. Shane Brown, Clinical Consultant at Abbott.

In an era of digital transformation and personalized medicine, Redcliffe Labs’ pioneering initiative with the AI-based CDS System signifies a giant step towards achieving value-based healthcare and enhancing the clinical care continuum for every patient.