redRail by redBus Introduces Innovative ‘Confirm’ feature to Eliminate Wait-Listing Woes for Train Passengers

redRail by redBus Introduces Innovative ‘Confirm’ feature to Eliminate Wait-Listing Woes for Train Passengers

7th July 2023 – redRail by redBus, announces the launch of its innovative Confirm feature, which enables passengers struggling with seat availability in trains to evaluate alternate travel options and avoid wait-listing. This new addition to the redRail platform aims to maximize a passenger’s chances of getting a confirmed ticket and being able to undertake their planned journey.

The Confirm feature is specifically designed to address the long-standing challenge of wait-listed tickets, revolutionizing the process, and significantly improving the chances of passengers securing confirmed seats on their desired journeys. By harnessing the power of advanced technology and data-driven algorithms, redRail’s Confirm feature empowers passengers to effortlessly explore untapped seat availability within the same train or from nearby stations, all while aiming at improving one’s chances of getting a confirmed ticket.

The newly launched ‘Confirm’ feature also comes with powerful features inside the PNR status section within redRail by redBus that revolutionizes the way waitlisted ticket holders can manage their bookings and increase their chances of securing confirmed seats. Below is a closer look at the notable benefits and functionalities offered:

  1. Real-time PNR status through WhatsApp updates:

Regardless of where the ticket was booked, any waitlisted train ticket holder can now visit redBus or redRail and enter their PNR number to instantly check the status of their waitlisted ticket and the probability of its confirmation. They can also subscribe to WhatsApp alerts that will keep them informed of any changes in their PNR status eliminating the need to check for updates again and again. This ensures that passengers stay updated on any progress in their ticket’s confirmation process wiping out anxiety and stress associated with booking waitlisted tickets.

2. Accurate prediction of confirmation probability for waitlisted users:

Leveraging advanced data science, redRail by redBus provides users with accurate predictions of the confirmation probability for each waitlisted ticket, right at the time of booking. The probability of confirmation gets updated daily based on real time updates to add more value to the user. This feature empowers travelers to make informed decisions based on their chances of securing a confirmed seat.

3. Alternate travel solutions for tickets with low confirmation chances:

In the case of tickets with low chances of confirmation, the redRail Confirm feature allows users to discover available seats on an extended route within the same train’s schedule, while retaining their boarding and dropping station preferences.

Using enhanced cluster search logic, it also suggests trains departing from or arriving at stations that are close to the passenger’s preferred boarding and destination station, that have confirmed ticket availability or a much higher chance of the ticket getting confirmed. Additionally, leveraging the vast network of buses available on redBus, redRail Confirm within the redBus app’s PNR section even suggests available bus options on the same route, in order to further maximize the passenger’s chances of travelling as planned. Given that, this unique offering provides travelers with an assurance to travel, using an alternative mode of transport while ensuring their journey remains uninterrupted.

Travelers can also conveniently access information on their PNR status updates, live train whereabouts, station updates, platform numbers, and coach positions, all in one place. This integration ensures that passengers stay well-informed throughout their journey.

“We understand the frustrations and uncertainties involved when dealing with wait-listed tickets. With redRail’s commitment to making train travel in India more hassle-free, we believe redRail Confirm will significantly reduce dilemmas associated with waitlisting, by providing reliable means to boost one’s chances of securing a confirmed ticket. In the event of a certain train ticket having a low probability of confirmation, our systems provide other available train and bus options, to provide the user with a definitive travel solution. This new feature also helps optimize seat occupancy for Indian Railways and is a win-win for both, the passenger as well as the railways.”, stated Prakash Sangam, Chief Executive Officer of redBus.

The launch of redRail Confirm comes at the perfect time, with the Diwali booking window opening soon. Passengers can take advantage of this offering from redRail by redBus and increase chances of getting confirmed train tickets for Diwali. To celebrate this launch, redRail by redBus is offering exclusive discounts up to Rs 100 on tickets booked on its platform.