Release of Kairigir

Release of Kairigir

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi’s renowned culinary enterprise, Karigari, is pleased to announce its intentions for considerable development, including the establishment of 10 additional locations throughout several Indian cities. A desire to develop a presence in Dubai and London by 2024, presenting the hugely popular, internationally influenced Indian food, would complement the brand’s impressive growth trajectory.

Karigari’s dedication to introducing Indian cuisine’s rich and varied flavors to a larger audience is demonstrated by the choice to build 10 additional outlets in various Indian cities. Through these new establishments, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi hopes to offer a memorable dining experience that honors the best of conventional Indian cooking methods infused with modern flavors.

Karigari has focused on expanding internationally in addition to domestically. The company plans to expand to Dubai and London by 2024, two well-known centers for gastronomic and multicultural experiences. With the rich tapestry of flavors and smells that characterize Karigari, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi hopes to enchant worldwide food fans by showcasing the authentic essence of Indian cuisine on a global stage.

Karigari has set aside a 30CR investment to help this ambitious expansion goal. This large cash infusion will make it easier to open more locations while ensuring that each one upholds the brand’s dedication to innovation, quality, and authenticity. Karigari’s growth will bring job opportunities and boost the local economies of the places where it operates with an emphasis on delivering outstanding dining experiences.

“We are eager to start a vast expansion adventure and share the delectable tastes of Indian food with more people. Karigari is poised to dazzle cuisine lovers globally with its ten future sites throughout Indian cities and wants to develop a presence in Dubai and London by 2024. We continue to provide exceptional dining experiences while maintaining our constant dedication to innovation, quality, and authenticity. Join us as we introduce clients worldwide to the warmth and flavors of Indian hospitality.”- stated Founders Yogesh Sharma and Manish Sharma

The success of Karigari proves how popular Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi’s culinary skills and commitment to preserving Indian food are. Karigari is poised to enchant the palates of an even wider audience by growing its presence in India and entering overseas markets. This will allow it to spread the warmth and flavors of Indian hospitality to customers all over the world.