Reliance Jewels unveils the glorious Swarn Banga Jewellery collection

Reliance Jewels unveils the glorious Swarn Banga Jewellery collection

Reliance Jewels

New Delhi, 10th October 2023 Reliance Jewels, one of India’s most trusted jewellery brands, unveiled Swarn Banga, a resplendent jewellery collection inspired by Bengal’s poetic beauty and artistic heritage. The collection that captures the intricacy of the region’s terracotta temples, the serenity of Shanti Niketan, and the fervour of Durga Pujo is the 8th in a series of thematic jewellery collections inspired by different regions of India launched by Reliance Jewels.

Amidst a grand star-studded evening, Swarn Banga was launched by Bollywood star Karisma Kapoor, who unveiled the collection and walked the ramp as a showstopper.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels, said, “Bengal, with its vibrant artistic legacy, holds a special place in India’s art and craft history. And this 8th collection in our series of jewellery inspired by different regions of India is a testament to our commitment to celebrating the rich culture and traditions of our nation. The Swarn Banga collection, with its timeless design, intricate workmanship, and grace, is sure to be adored by our customers for years to come.”

Over the years, with each collection, Reliance Jewels has taken its esteemed customers on a cultural voyage, transforming jewellery into works of art that mirror India’s dynamic history. The Swarn Banga collection continues this legacy by capturing the essence of Bengal’s culture and artistic heritage. These collections are not just jewellery; they are expressions of India’s history.

Ms. Karisma Kapoor, the guest of honour, said, “The diamond showstopper set I had the privilege of wearing is a true work of art. It beautifully weaves together the essence of West Bengal. With the festive season approaching, I wholeheartedly recommend the Swarn Banga collection to everyone seeking a touch of elegance and cultural richness. It is not just jewellery; it is a piece of Bengal’s soul and heritage that you can wear with pride. I am truly impressed by this collection, and I believe it makes for a perfect addition to our festive wardrobe.”

The Swarn Banga collection is the 8th in Reliance Jewels’ remarkable series, where each collection reflects traditions, architecture, and craftsmanship from India’s diverse regions. The Thanjavur collection, for instance, draws inspiration from Thanjavur, the erstwhile capital of the Chola Empire. Similarly, the Mahalaya collection showcases the splendour of Maharashtra, while the Rannkaar collection is inspired by the stark beauty of the Rann of Kutch.

In addition, Reliance Jewels’ Kaasyam collection sparkles with the grandeur of Banaras, and the Odisha-inspired Utkala collection reminds one of the vibrancies of the coastal region. And while the brand’s exquisite Atulyaa collection offers glimpses into Rajasthan’s royal past and the opulence of the Mughal era, its Apurvam collection depicts the architectural magnificence of Hampi.

The Swarn Banga collection is currently available at all Reliance Jewels stores.