Revolutionizing Mysore: Justdial Powers Digital Evolution of Local Businesses

Revolutionizing Mysore: Justdial Powers Digital Evolution of Local Businesses

27th September 2023 Mysore, famous for its sandalwood, stone sculptures, and exquisite silk sarees, is the cultural capital of Karnataka. It is also home to nearly 50 IT companies. A quaint but modern city, it is a major attraction for tourists and investors alike.

In the recent past, the Karnataka government has actively steered Mysuru towards becoming a prominent startup and tech hub in India. Under the ‘Beyond Bengaluru initiative,’ the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) is collaborating with industry partners to establish a Rs 25 crore Mysuru Cluster Seed Fund (MCSF). This initiative aims to foster tech-based startups in Mysuru, propelling it into an emerging tech hub that attracts global brands.

Multiple stakeholders are part of this digital transformation of Mysore. Among them, Justdial stands out as a key player. Justdial is offering vital support to Mysore’s enterprises by giving them a digital identity. Through its comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects businesses with their potential customers, Justdial has become an invaluable partner for Mysore’s entrepreneurs.

One such entrepreneur who has witnessed this impact firsthand is Arvind Shilpi, owner of Maruthi Tube Wells. He registered with Justdial in 2015 and has been reaping the benefits ever since. He said, “In 2018, we secured the platinum position on Justdial, which greatly assisted us. Before that, the public was unaware of our services. Justdial played a pivotal role in our growth journey.” He also believes that to benefit from Justdial, one should be immersed in their business, understand the services thoroughly, and engage with clients.

Highlighting how Justdial can provide visibility to businesses, making it easier for potential customers to discover and connect with them, Vicram Tiwari, owner of North Indian Pandith, shared his experience and said, “I have been serving Mysore’s North Indian population for six years. North Indians often faced challenges finding a North Indian Pandit in Mysore. Listing myself on Justdial last year has made it easy for them to locate our services. Thanks to Justdial, we have seen a significant increase in searches and have even expanded to Srirangapatna.”

Kumar S, owner of Tattoo Galaxy KS, mentioned his decade-long partnership with Justdial and said, “From the day I started my business in 2013, I have been associated with Justdial. Justdial has been a crucial factor in my business’ growth. In this era of a competitive market, having an online presence with strong digital marketing support is crucial, and Justdial has been one of the most important factors in the growth of my business.”

Justdial’s unwavering commitment to delivering effective solutions and steadfast support has yielded transformative results, not only for individual businesses but also for the overall economic landscape of Mysore. The tangible impact of Justdial’s services can be observed in the success stories of Mysore’s businesses, where increased leads, improved return on investment (ROI), and enhanced visibility have become the norm. Justdial continues to be the preferred platform for businesses seeking not only to connect with their customers but also to achieve substantial and sustainable growth in today’s digital age.