Rubix Credit Decisioning Solution live on SAP Store

Rubix Credit Decisioning Solution live on SAP Store

Mumbai, 4th October 2023 – Rubix Data Sciences, a technology and analytics-based B2B risk management and monitoring platform provider, today announced its Rubix Credit Decisioning Solution in now available on SAP Store. The solution work with SAP S/⁠4HANA®Cloud giving access to Rubix Risk Scores and credit and financial risk information. This enables users to make better credit decisions and automate the risk monitoring of their counterparties.

Counterparties can include customers, distributors, dealers, franchisees, suppliers,and vendors, and can cross industries such as manufacturing, finance, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, retail, technology, energy, supply chain, logistics, and transportation.

“With Rubix’s Risk Score and relatedrisk information now available with SAP S/4HANA, users can easily access insights about counterparties’ risk profile, enabling them to make quick and effective credit, supplier and compliance risk decisions,” said Mohan Ramaswamy, Co-Founder and CEO of Rubix Data Sciences.“Users will also be able tomonitor counterparties’ evolving financial risk with the integration of Rubix Early Warning Signal data. Rubix Risk Scores can help users reduce risks throughout their distribution and supply chains and efficiently manage counterparty relationships.”