Russian House in New Delhi in collaboration with the IARC Organizes Day of People’s Unity Celebrations

Russian House in New Delhi in collaboration with the IARC Organizes Day of People’s Unity Celebrations

New Delhi, 28th Oct 2023 – Russian House in New Delhi, in collaboration with the Indian Association of Russian Compatriots (IARC), recently hosted a captivating cultural event that highlighted the rich and diverse traditions of Russia and India on the occasion of the Day of People’s Unity (November, 4). The event brought together Russian Compatriots and their families in New Delhi for a day to celebrate unity, culture and artistic expression. The primary objective of this event was to display unity in cultures & diversity by way of Art.

This is a journey that celebrates the beautiful painting exhibition by professional Russian Painters and Artists living and inspired by India and all their cherished memories. They have encapsulated the beauty of India in these canvases. From Jaipur’s busy roads to folk music of Rajasthan and Shiva’s divine beauty, each stroke of brush is a testament to their profound love for India. These artists have kept their skills alive and contributed to the rich artistic heritage of our country.

Our second exhibition displayed by young children from Donbas depicting what is their version of life, using brushes & crayons to create vivid depictions. They have known the harsh realities of conflict & they paint a different vision – one of hope, love, unity and harmony. Be it the views from their windows with tanks & burnt trees compared to a happy peaceful view of greenery and birds or an army personnel leaving behind his family to protect the nation, the portrayal of their vision is commendable. Here mothers are saying goodbye to their sons in a hope of their safe return or a little girl is dreaming of picking flowers from her garden or swinging outside on the playground. Every artwork is their dream of a peaceful tomorrow, inspiring us all to work towards a brighter, more harmonious future with unity.

On the event Mrs. Elena Barman president, Russian compatriots IARC said “Day of People’s Unity celebrations at the Russian House in New Delhi symbolizes the harmonious blend of Indian and Russian cultures, reaffirming our commitment to nurturing the strong and enduring bond between India and Russia. We believe that in celebrating each other’s traditions, we strengthen the ties that bind our nations.”


Mr. Oleg Osipov,Mr. Oleg Osipov, Director of Russian House, India said “At the Russian House, we believe that cultural exchange is the bridge that unites nations. Through our commitment to showcasing the best of Russian culture and fostering Indian-Russian unity, we aim to enrich the India-Russia bond and promote lasting cultural connections on this National Unity Day and beyond.”

An endearing and visually captivating moment of the event was when Russian Ladies donned Sarees to Celebrate Unity Day along with a musical performance by a professional Opera singer leaving the audience teary-eyed. This gesture was a heartwarming representation of unity and cultural blending between Russia and India, highlighting the strength of cultural exchange. The event offers attendees the opportunity to view artworks from children in Donbas. These poignant paintings served as a reminder of the unifying power of art and its ability to transcend geographical boundaries.

The event reached its climax with a Unity Day Celebration that brought friends and well-wishers together beyond expected. It underscored the idea that cultural exchange and friendship transcend borders and create lasting connections.

The success of this year’s event is a testament to the growing interest and appreciation of Russian culture in India.