Sattvik Certifications Grants Esteemed Vegan Certification to Blue Tribe Manufacturing Facility

Sattvik Certifications Grants Esteemed Vegan Certification to Blue Tribe Manufacturing Facility

 Vegan Certification

New Delhi, 4th December 2023: Sattvik Certifications, a leading certification authority dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable practices, proudly announces the conferral of its prestigious Vegan Certification upon the Blue Tribe Manufacturing Facility located in Chandigarh and Bangalore.

In recognition of Blue Tribe’s unwavering commitment to ethical and cruelty-free manufacturing processes, Sattvik Certifications has been awarded the Vegan Certification, signifying the facility’s alignment with environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices.

The Vegan Certification validates Blue Tribe Manufacturing Facility’s commitment to manufacturing goods that meet the highest vegan standards, assuring the absence of any animal-derived components or by-products. This achievement is a big step forward in Blue Tribe’s quest for sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

“We are pleased to acknowledge and certify Blue Tribe Manufacturing Facility for its outstanding commitment to vegan principles,” said Abhishek Biswas, Founder of Sattvik Certifications and Secretary General of Sattvik Council of India. “Consumers will also obtain labeling clarity with the Sattvik Vegan 100% Quality Assurance mark, which will clear the ambiguity that they generally acquire through the product name, especially on Vegan Products, through Sattvik certifications.”

“This certification reflects our team’s unwavering dedication to meeting the growing demand for ethical and sustainable products in today’s conscientious consumer landscape.” Sohil Wazir, Chief Commercial Officer at Blue Tribe Manufacturing Facility.

As a frontrunner in promoting responsible business practices and sustainable manufacturing, Sattvik Certifications’ rigorous certification processes ensure that the Vegan Certification aligns with global standards for ethical and cruelty-free production.