Satya Paul’s Emporio Home

Satya Paul’s Emporio Home

Satya Paul

Satya Paul has been pushing boundaries since it was established in 1985. The first to re-define the traditional sari and innovate print without bounds, it has always been forward-looking, optimistic and progressive — mirroring the outlook of the people most naturally drawn to it.

The new Satya Paul store at DLF Emporio is no exception to this rule of innovation. Designed to resemble a literal egg, it plays with this elemental symbol, cocooning its visitors. The store has no sharp edges – it is smooth, soft and seamless. According to Satya Paul’s Creative Director, Rajesh Pratap Singh, the intention of space is “to be both experimental and nurturing.” Through the store, visitors encounter fragmented circles that encourage them to keep going. The final, complete circle is only encountered at the end, raising the philosophical question of whether the end is the beginning, or the beginning is the end?

The egg is also monolithic and meditative – the latter quality was often used to describe the founder of the brand, Mr. Satya Paul himself. But inside, color bursts to create life; print is DNA. The dominant materials used in the space also embody the brand ethos, which is to take something local and familiar and look at it through a global, unexpected lens. The use of terazzo is one way in which this philosophy comes through. The store also welcomes visitors with a unique, one-of-a-kind pink which more than a hue, is a feeling. Soft but bright, and a made from a local materials that has a quality of cosmpolitanism embedded in it, it is a shade that represents the brand perfectly.

Currrently, the stores house two of the brand’s latest edits. Delhi-Kyoto Non Stop and Acid Flowers. The first seamlessly blends the rich cultural tapestries of India and Japan. Drawing inspiration from the art of Japanese woodblocks, the traditional patchwork style of Boro, serene Japanese gardens, yakuza tattoos, and the unforgettable Sakura season, this dreamy edit features playful saris, co-ord sets, shirts, and dresses.

The Acid Flowers edit invites you to embark on a wild dance with the eternal beauty of nature. Inspired by the flora and fauna that surrounds us, this collection is designed for events that demand a touch of glam. Exotic flowers, vibrant colours, and a sprinkling of crystals define each creation, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and spontaneity. Crafted in super comfortable fabrics, these pieces effortlessly transition from day to night.

Satya Paul is at home in this address, and most comfortable in a space that encourages its visitors to be autonmous and free: much like the feeling the brand’s clothing is known to impart on its wearers.