Schneider Electric showcases innovative Electricity 4.0 solutions at DistribuElec 2024

Schneider Electric showcases innovative Electricity 4.0 solutions at DistribuElec 2024

Mumbai, 19th January, 2024: Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and nextgen automation, calls on energy decision-makers to prioritize digital upgrades to realize the full potential of sustainable, resilient, efficient, and flexible Grids of the Future, at DistribuElec 2024. The company showcased and created awareness about, Grids of the Future, Electricity 4.0, network automation, and energy management solutions and services for the electric power industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Udai Singh, Vice President – Power Systems, Greater India, Schneider Electric said, “In the present day, especially in India, as we witness rapid electrification, it is imperative to enhance network output, boost efficiency, and curb emissions. Prioritizing the digitalization of the electricity value chain, encompassing generation, transmission, and distribution, becomes crucial in this context. Schneider Electric provides a range of Electricity 4.0 solutions and technologies that can aid governments and stakeholders at large in achieving developmental objectives while ensuring sustainability acceleration. Our participation in DistribuElec allows us to collaborate with some of the great minds in the industry and we are always eager for more such opportunities like this to engage with our stakeholders to build an interconnected and sustainable future.

DistribuElec 2024 is the 6th edition of the exhibition where power distribution stakeholders come together under one platform to discuss future priorities and deliberate, on the way forward for the industry. At DistribuElec 2024, Schneider Electric unveiled innovations that enable electric utility companies to deploy agile grid digitalization and offer better collaboration between all elements in the electricity value chain. They include:

  • New era of Digital Grid platform: The launch of EcoStruxure ADMS and EcoStruxure ArcFM bringing the digital grid platform closer to a to a converged, data-centric architecture using a single network model to boost efficiency, reduce costs, improve reliability, and grid efficiency.
  • New cloud-based EcoStruxure Distributed Energy Resource (DERMS): It manages distributed energy resources (electric vehicles, energy storage and rooftop solar) to meet rapidly increasing capacity demand & enable rapid deployments with flexible customer journeys.
  • SF6-FREE: The new SF6 free AirSeT technology is a leap forward in sustainability and safety, featuring digital capabilities for the grid and commercial applications with pure air insulation and vacuum interruption.
  • EcoStruxure Transformer Expert: An easy-to-deploy IoT sensors and software analytics subscription for oil transformers that helps monitor transformer health and optimize maintenance through condition-based monitoring.
  • EcoCare – EcoCare, a next-gen service plan, offers expert facility management, proactive infrastructure support, and ensures uninterrupted electrical uptime. It aids in decarbonization priorities, with up to 75% reduced downtime through faster on-site intervention, 24/7 remote monitoring, and up to 40% less planned downtime, extending asset lifespan while reducing carbon emissions.
  • Digital Powertrain: Schneider Electric’s Digital Power Train revolutionizes power distribution, from Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, to Final Distribution, providing you with a completely coordinated electrical system from the grid to your plug. It’s a sustainable solution, helping customers manage their energy needs while meeting their sustainability goals.
  • EasySet MV: An 11kV Primary Air Insulated Switchgear ‘Make in India’ product from Schneider Electric .The product has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of higher operational safety. The modular design provides a perfect platform for building reliable distribution network in compact spaces
  • 33kV Gas Insulated Switchgear : The new ‘Make In India’ product from Schneider Electric is an Industry-standard switchgear suitable for secondary distribution applications in Indian electrical utilities, Data Centres and buildings. The product has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of higher operational safety with minimal maintenance and sealed-for-life system. The sealed-for-life tank ensures that it is suitable for highly polluted installations without any SF6 handling.
  • EcoStruxure Power Automation System: The PowerLogic P7 protection relay, the latest EcoStruxure Power Automation System Engineering and EcoStruxure System Management tools can help create a virtual representation of a substation that spans its lifecycle for more reliable electrical grids, reduced maintenance costs, and optimized power management.