Scoop into happiness with Burma Burma Artisanal Icecreams and Merchandise t-Shirts

Scoop into happiness with Burma Burma Artisanal Icecreams and Merchandise t-Shirts

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March 2023: Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room is a brand known to offer cuisine from Burma (Myanmar), delicately made from cherished family recipes. Post the successful launch of its restaurant business and bb pantry, the brand now forays into launching artisanal ice creams and merchandise t-shirts. Deep rooted connections with flavors, stories and nostalgia, Burma Burma now introduces gourmet ice creams in 6 unique and premium flavours. Each of the icecreams brings an irresistible mix of flavor profiles, set to satisfy every taste and inspire moments of everyday happiness. To match their yummy ice creams, Burma Burma collaborated with Pure Waste to design a range of responsibly produced recycled t-shirts. Talking about the t-shirts designed by Rushil Bhatnagar, the designs pay homage to 80’s ice cream parlours coupled with chequered decors and stencil-painted texts. These t-shirts are exclusively made to celebrate Burma Burma’s new range of nostalgic artisanal ice creams.

The icecream flavours are so unique that you might be spoilt for choices. “Honeycomb & Sweetcorn”, “Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil”, “Caramelised Chocolate & Cheese”, “Pineapple Energee” , “Avocado & Honey” and “Durian Fruit” are the scrumptious whipped up scoops to choose from the ice cream menu. With palette friendly flavors & people’s favorite, the experimentation goes beyond the kitchen to innovate with nostalgia. At its core, the team at Burma Burma is constantly inspired by everyday ingredients living with them since they were kids. These ice creams are created with some very unique and unusual ingredient combinations like a Sweet corn ice cream popsicle and honey comb, the after school drink of every kid Pineapple Energee which is flavoured milk, churned to an ice cream, served with brown butter crumble, Avocado ice cream topped with honey caviar and coconut fumes and the forbidden Asian Durian Fruit known for its distinct taste and flavour churned into one-of-a-kind handmade ice cream exclusively available at Burma Burma.

Offering the yummiest Ice Creams in a variety of flavours for Indian homes is a new dimension added by the recognised multiple outlet brand. These delectable scoops by Burma Burma are here to win your hearts with the best quality ingredients.

Commenting on the launch Co-founder, Ankit Gupta says “The recently introduced flavours are a reflection of the preferences of Millennials and Gen Z. We have played upon the nostalgia of ice cream rituals such as visiting parlors, birthday parties, bowls shared with families & guests which to an extent helped us in creation of each flavour. Thus making this new range accessible and enjoyable for all ages. These new flavors represent our passion and commitment to creating what’s ‘next’ on our menu. Our packaging is equally nostalgic and breaks through the monotony by encapsulating the feeling of Vintage Parlors and Ice Cream Trucks.”

Burma Burma Artisanal Icecreams and merchandise t-shirts are available exclusively at all Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room. Icecreams are also available for delivery in Mumbai, Noida, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Delhi and Kolkata priced at Rs 500 onwards.

T-shirts are available on the Burma Burma pantry website too-