Second Batch Completes Literary Translation Course Supported by JCB Literature Foundation at Ahmedabad University

Second Batch Completes Literary Translation Course Supported by JCB Literature Foundation at Ahmedabad University

Second Batch Completes

29th April 2024 New Delhi: Celebrating the graduation ceremony of its second batch of the Literary Translation, Creative Writing & Publishing course, the JCB Literature Foundation (JCBLF) and Ahmedabad University hosted a special alumni meet aimed at fostering connections, networking, and inspiring young minds as they venture into the world of publishing. The convocation ceremony featured a vibrant panel discussion with a diverse group of literary translators and publishers, each bringing their unique expertise to the forefront.

Moderated by Professor Tejaswini Niranjana, a distinguished Cultural Theorist and Translator, who also played a pivotal role in designing the course module, the panelists included alumni members of the Course- Divya Kalavala, translator and academician, Rinita Banerjee, editor, and Joshua Reddy, recognized for his expertise as a digital archivist. Also present were Srividhya Venkatesen, known for her prowess in content writing and translation, Sherwin Rodriguez, a skilled writer, and translator, and Bhumika Aggarwal, a freelance writer and translator. Adding to the enriching dialogue was Vijaysagar, a telecom engineer who found passion in translating Tamil literature, alongside Kritika Nautiyal, a dedicated translator.

The round table was followed by the convocation ceremony of the current batch, with addresses by Manish Tayal, Director, JCB Literature Foundation; Jerry Pinto, author, translator, and poet; and VK Karthika, Publisher, Westland Books.

Talking about the occasion, Manish Tayal, Director, JCB Literature Foundation, said- “Today is not just a milestone moment for the current graduating batch, but for us at the JCB Literature Foundation as well. It marks the day when 26 brilliant translators, writers, and potential publicists are on the verge of entering the publishing industry. With each batch, the chances of more and more books in English and in translation, coming from India, increases manifold, and that makes us hopeful.”

Pallavi Narayan, Director,Ahmedabad Writing Programme, Ahmedabad University, said-“The Post Graduate Diploma in Translation and Creative Writing is a unique programme in the Indian literary landscape. Combining theory and practice of translation, writing and publishing as its primary building blocks, the course provides a comprehensive and challenging syllabus between complementary skills in the online mode, with workshops and studios conducted offline on the Ahmedabad University campus. The student base is diverse and from all over the country, and for the new cohort, we are opening up the course to a limited number of international applicants as well. The Diploma is particularly suitable for the working professional, with classes conducted online twice a week–one on a weekday evening and the other on a weekend morning–and plenty of interesting writing and translation exercises given to the students combined with a solid theoretical base. Apart from the core team of instructors, guest faculty include award-winning writers, translators and publishers—some of the best and brightest in the country and, indeed, globally! And it is showing results, as our students have been translating books, being nominated for prizes and awarded fellowships, and, most importantly, building a literary community that will benefit not only them but the literary scenario in general.”

The event was followed by a cultural extravaganza ‘The Threshold’ – a musical dialogue featuring MD Pallavi, a multifaceted artist, and Bindhumalini, a singer and composer, exploring gender through tales of women across cultures and eras. Celebrating figures like Hypatia, Agnodice, Kharbaoucha, and Fanny Mendelssohn, alongside songs of Lalla, Lingamma, Neelamma, and more, Pallavi and Bindhu wove a captivating narrative, to wrap the evening.

Supported by the JCB Literature Foundation, this Programme provides a combination of skills in Literary Translation, Creative Writing, and Publishing. It is curated as a combination of online courses, offline workshops, and hands-on studios to help students acquire skills as literary translators, creative writers, and publishers.Aimed at enhancing the skills of practicing translators, and writers, the program also offers industry mentorship to better equip them for roles in publishing, advertising, and editorial fields. Participants gain exposure to cultural and literary history methodologies, enriching their professional development.