Security Expert, Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Mathur Unveils His Book “Pocket Square” at World Book Fair

Security Expert, Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Mathur Unveils His Book “Pocket Square” at World Book Fair

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New Delhi: At the bustling World Book Fair in New Delhi, Dr. Rajiv Mathur, a prominent figure in the security industry, launched his captivating book titled “Pocket Square”. Published by Indie Press, this book delves into the untold stories of twenty-four influential individuals within the security domain.

Dr. Mathur draws an interesting analogy throughout the book, comparing the hidden aspects of accomplished leaders’ lives to the unseen portion of a pocket square tucked within a jacket. Just like the intricate designs concealed within the seemingly small frame of a pocket square, these micro-autobiographies unveil the remarkable diversity of human experiences. Each narrative sheds light on the significant contributions of these individuals, whose personal stories often remain hidden from public view.

The book launch ceremony was a resounding success, drawing friends, family, industry experts, and media representatives. Rajiv expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone present, and Captain S. B. Tyagi, the Chief Patron of the International Council for Industrial Security, Safety, and Management (ICISSM), took the stage to congratulate Dr. Mathur. Even more exciting news followed, as Captain Tyagi announced that author, who is a naturally passionate public speaker and has keen interest in teaching for over two decades, had been conferred the title of Professor by the Aravali Institute of Management. Henceforth, he would be addressed as Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Mathur!

The event was graced by the presence of several notable figures from the security industry, including Ms. Veena Gupta, Ms. Rekha Gairola, Mr. Sanjay Kaushik, Capt. A. A. Collaco, and Ms. Anchall Saxena. Media representatives Mr. Santosh Pathak and Mr. Sandesh Jain were also present, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the launch.

A particularly poignant moment arrived when the author’s mother unveiled the book cover, adding a personal touch to the momentous occasion. Mr. Naveen Mathur, the author’s elder brother, beamed with pride and expressed his joy at his brother’s remarkable achievement.

Adding further credibility to the book, “Pocket Square” boasts a foreword penned by Dr. Vikram Singh (IPS), a retired DGP (UP) and the Chancellor of Noida International University. The book is proudly sponsored by Mitkat Advisory, recognizing the value it brings to the field.

In essence, Dr. Mathur’s “Pocket Square” offers a unique window into the lives of those who play a crucial role in our security, often without seeking the spotlight. Through their captivating stories, the book not only celebrates their achievements but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring security professi