Servotech Announces the Establishment of a New Subsidiary ‘Servotech EV Infra Pvt. Ltd

Servotech Announces the Establishment of a New Subsidiary ‘Servotech EV Infra Pvt. Ltd

New Delhi, 13th November 2023: Servotech Power Systems Ltd, India’s premier EV Charger manufacturer, proudly declares the creation of its wholly owned subsidiary, Servotech EV Infra Pvt. foray into the EV Charge Point Operator business. The subsidiary will act as a CPO and install EV Charging Stations across India. Being a pioneer in the EV charger manufacturing industry, Servotech has provided top quality EV Chargers to various renowned oil marketing companies and EV charging station providers and now Servotechthrough its subsidiary is all set to transform the EV charging infrastructure landscape. Servotech Power Systems will manufacture and supply EV chargers to ServotechEV Infra and they will do business as a Charge Point Operator for these EV chargers.

The EV charging market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as the government is targeting 30% of all vehicles to be electric by 2030 and Servotech EV Infra is well positioned to capitalize on this growth, with its strong track record and expertise in the EV charging technology. With a dedicated mission to contribute significantly to India’s e-mobility goals, Servotech EV Infra Pvt. Ltd. aims to establish 5000 EV Charging Stations across the nation in the upcoming years, which will result in the creation of a robust EV charging infrastructure, ultimately leading to the development of sustainable transportation.

Commenting on the announcement, the Founder and Managing Director of Servotech Power Systems Ltd., Raman Bhatia, stated, “OurCompany has consistently led the way in innovating within the EV charging sector and the creation of Servotech EV Infra Pvt Ltd is a natural progression in our journey. This development will prove to be a significant game changer. Being the top EV charger manufacturer and holding a significant share of the EV charger market, we acknowledge the substantial responsibilities that accompany this position. The recent expansion into the EV CPO business with Servotech EV Infra reflects our dedication to playing an important role in advancing the EV infrastructure landscape, catering to the growing number of EVs in the country. This subsidiary seamlessly integrates with our mission of providing reliable and accessible charging solutions, addressing the critical need for a well-developed charging network to support the EV market and we are optimistic that our efforts will contribute significantly to completing this mission, solidifying our position as a prominent player in India’s sustainable and thriving EV ecosystem.”