SHARP Unveils Expanded Portfolio of Multifunction Printers at National Dealers Meet in Goa

SHARP Unveils Expanded Portfolio of Multifunction Printers at National Dealers Meet in Goa

SHARP Unveils Expanded Portfolio

14 June 2023: SHARP Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of SHARP Corporation Japan, launched a new lineup of mono multifunction printers (MFPs) today, including the BP-50M and BP-70M series. In total, SHARP has introduced six mono MFP models, which include the advanced series models like BP-70M45 and BP-70M65, as well as essential series models such as the BP-50M45, BP-50M45T, BP-50M55, and BP-50M55T. The new series of MFPs offers smart, connected, and secure features, along with a speed range of 45 PPM to 65 PPM in black and white. Capable of handling paper input up to A3 size, the new models suit the requirements across a diverse range of sectors such as large corporations, educational institutions, consulting firms, publishing houses, hospitals, BFSI, stock exchanges, e-commerce platforms, PSUs, and government organizations.SHARP unveiled and exhibited these new MFPs at the National Dealer Meet in Goa, attended by over 100+ dealers.

Additionally, as part of its ongoing commitment to promote the #SwitchtoColor initiative, SHARP has also expanded its Color MFP series. This expansion includes the introduction of new models across the essential series like BP-50C26T/BP-50C31T, entry-level models like BP-20C20ZT/BP20C25ZT and a mid-range color MFP, the BP-30C25ZT. These additions to the existing portfolio are strategically designed to meet the growing demand from government businesses, providing them with a range of options to embrace vibrant and high-quality color printing capabilities.

Commenting on the launch, Narita Osamu, Managing Director of SHARP Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd, stated, “At SHARP, we have always been at the forefront of office innovation, consistently delivering best-in-class performance with cutting-edge technology across a range of smart, connected, secure, and eco-friendly multifunctional printers (MFPs). The introduction of our newly expanded lineup of mono and color models reflects our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the officeprinting landscape, making vibrant and high-quality printing solutions more accessible and affordable. We’re confident that these new innovative document solutions will effectively address the new-age business needs for improved productivity, efficiency, and better integration at the workplace.

The BP-50M series models are made in a stylish gray case with a pleasant textured surface and features control panel in a 10.1” Full flat capacitive touch panel that makes it simple to navigate through menus and easy user interface settings, where user can drag all the frequently used functions on to the touch panel. All the mentioned models (BP-50M45, BP-50M45T, BP-50M55, and BP-50M55T) deliver a print resolution of 600 dpi and comes equipped with a 100-sheet Reversing single pass feeder (RSPF) with a scanning speed of up to 80 OPM. The upgraded lineup also provides for easy access to expanded array of cloud services, with smooth device integration that allow users to seamlessly collaborate and connect with diverse work groups, while ensuring complete data protection.

The new BP-70M series presents a significant advancement over the features offered by the BP-50M series, introducing notable enhancements to the MFP lineup. These sophisticated models (BP-70M45 and BP-70M65)deliver a true 1200 dpi resolution for the highest quality print output. Further, the advanced series models are equipped with a cutting-edge Duplexing Single Pass Feeder (DSPF), boasting an impressive capacity of up to 300 sheets and an exceptional scanning speed, reaching an extraordinary 280 OPM. This remarkable performance ensures swift and efficient scanning operations while maintaining optimal accuracy and quality. The BP-70M series also features a convenient motion sensor which allows the device to start warming up as soon as a user approaches it, minimizing the waiting time for scan and copy.

The BP-70M and BP-50M MFP series are technologically advanced and “SMART,” incorporating AI capabilities to streamline everyday documentation tasks with ease and efficiency. The new series also comes with a revolutionary smart scanning feature that enables the MFP to automatically determine the optimal resolution, gradation, and compression rate for your scan jobs, page orientation, and skew correction, all by tapping the Auto Set button. With seamless connectivity features, they provide a “CONNECTED” experience by integrating smoothly with popular cloud-based applications like OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and MS Teams. This integration facilitates swift scanning and cloud upload, enabling remote execution of document jobs. Furthermore, SHARP prioritizes “SECURE” experience with these MFPs, offering a range of security features such as Data Encryption and Erase, BIOS Firmware security, LDAP and Active Directory integration, Image Job Log, Whitelisting, Data erasure at the end of the lease period, Optional Virus Detection, and Document Control.

In addition to the Monochrome series, SHARP has also introduced new models, BP-50C26T/BP-50C31T expanding upon its highly acclaimed Color series. With a large 10.1-inch capacitive touch panel, these MFPs offer exceptional color printing with true 1200 DPI resolution, ensuring businesses achieve striking and vibrant outputs, with copying and printing speeds upto 31 ppm (pages per minute). Utilizing the 100-sheet reversing single-pass feeder (RSPF), businesses can easily scan documents at speeds of up to 80 opm. This rapid scanning process ensures that businesses can digitize their documents swiftly and effectively, boosting productivity and workflow efficiency.In addition, these MFPs offer secure print access and advanced document management features, empowering businesses to enhance office productivity while ensuring the utmost data protection.

Catering to the specific needs of government organizations, SHARP’s new lineup also includes the BP-20C20ZT/BP20C25ZT/BP-30C25ZT entry & mid-level color MFPs. These MFPs deliver cost-effective and reliable color copying, printing & scanning solutions, ideal for government agencies that require quality outputs for various documentation needs. Designed to maximize efficiency and convenience, this MFP series delivers a speed range of 20 PPM to 25 PPM for both color and black & white printing. Equipped with a comprehensive set of features, it is specifically crafted to enhance your workflow and streamline operations.It is also one of the smallest A3 colour devices available, making it a preferred choice for smaller office cabins.

The newly launched SHARP’s MFPs are now available for purchase at SHARP’s offices and authorized dealerships across India. The new range of MFPs will be available for purchase at a starting price of INR 1,94,500 for the base color model. To learn more about these new printing solutions or to find a local dealer, please visit