Shyam Metalics Unveils SEL Tiger Foil

Shyam Metalics Unveils SEL Tiger Foil

Shyam Metalics

Kolkata, 29th April 2024 – Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd, the leading and fastest growing metals manufacturing company in India, proudly unveils its latest development, the “SEL Tiger Foil”. Crafted with a deep dedication to preserving food freshness and increasing sustainability, SEL Tiger Foil is a testament of excellence in household food safety.

Driven by the strong demand and a projected 7.4% CAGR growth in the aluminum foil segment by 2030, Shyam Metalics is poised to benefit from increased demand and business opportunities in this sector.

SEL Tiger Foil is being manufactured in Giridh, Jharkhand by Shree Venkateshwara Electrocast Private Limited, a step-down subsidiary of Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd is available in 2 categories, microns, 11 microns, and 18 microns. Each variant is tailored to meet diverse food storage needs. A range including 9-meter rolls for occasional needs and 72-meter rolls provides an ample supply of aluminum foil for everyday culinary endeavors, with an ideal size for regular use. This launch also heralds a new, nature-friendly box design, underscoring Shyam Metalics’ dedication to sustainable practices.

Mr. Sheetij Agarwal, Director of Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd., stated, “SEL Tiger Foil continues our tradition of relentless innovation to meet consumer and environmental needs. By introducing this new line of products, we’re not just offering convenience; we’re also delivering freshness and eco-consciousness to households worldwide. It is our belief that SEL Tiger Foil will not only maintain food freshness and safety but will also contribute to a more sustainable future.”

SEL Tiger Foil offers superior food protection, long-lasting use, and eco-conscious packaging. The non-stick material is crafted from 100% organic cellulose and features grease-proof properties, making it ideal for an array of culinary applications. It has been rigorously tested and certified for food safety. Moreover, SEL Tiger Foil is recyclable, aligning with the principles of responsible consumption.