Sightsavers India’s RAAHI Programme Research Published in International Journal

Sightsavers India’s RAAHI Programme Research Published in International Journal


New Delhi, 17th May 2024: The International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health (IJCMPH) has recently published research on Sightsavers India’s RAAHI Programme. RAAHI (National Truckers Eye Health Programme) stands as one of the biggest eye health initiatives in India, catering to the needs of the overworked truck drivers’ community. With over 9 million truck drivers in India playing a significant role in freight transportation, addressing their unmet health needs, particularly concerning vision, has become imperative.

The publication of this research in the International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health (IJCMPH) signifies a significant milestone. Peer-reviewed journals like IJCMPH undergo stringent evaluation processes by field experts, ensuring the credibility and quality of the research presented.

Through a mixed-methods approach, this research delves into the program’s achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. Having screened over 540,000 beneficiaries across 54 locations, RAAHI has significantly contributed to raising awareness about prevalent health conditions and providing essential eye care services. It primarily focuses on truck drivers, addressing their unmet eye health needs and raising awareness about prevalent health conditions.

Feedback from beneficiaries highlighted overall satisfaction with RAAHI services, emphasizing the program’s structured approach and immediate access to quality spectacles. Beneficiaries found the registration, screening, and spectacle distribution processes quick and easy.

The program’s success in providing essential eye care services to truck drivers is crucial for road safety. Correcting even low refractive errors in truckers can help minimize adverse events, highlighting the importance of initiatives like RAAHI in ensuring safe driving practices.

“We are pleased to share the findings of our research, which represents the significance of the RAAHI programme in addressing the unmet eye health needs of truck drivers in India. Our comprehensive study reveals the impact of RAAHI in screening beneficiaries, providing essential eye care services, and raising awareness about the importance of eye health in improving road safety.

Through collaborative efforts and sustained initiatives like RAAHI, we aim to continue enhancing the well-being of truck drivers and promoting road safety across India’s transportation networks. We extend our gratitude to all stakeholders, including implementing partners and funders, for their support in making RAAHI a success.”— Authors behind the Research (Dr. Ananta Basudev Sahu, Jatin Tiwari, Prasannakumar P. N., R. N. Mohanty)



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